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Date Published: 03/31/10

Press release.

Azubuike Ishiekwewe's Black Hands


We read with trepidation the can of worms opened by the resignation of the erstwhile editor of Punch Newspapers, Mr Steve Ayorinde.

The media have been in the league of the progressives in Nigeria. Like any human organisation the press cannot arrogate infallibility to itself. However, for an organisation or a person that enjoys enormous confidence from the public such as The Punch Newspapers and in particular, Azubuike Ishiekwene, the revelation of Ayorinde is an utter sickner.

We in the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) will not want to be the wicked mediator who arrives at judgments on listening to one party in a feud. Nonetheless, our suspicion is that the tendency is high that the alleged criminality of Azubuike pervades all segments of the media.

Steve Ayorinde on his part exhibited a deficiency of character when he had to wait till he was given the boot from The Punch Newspapers before spilling the beans about Azu. The man died in him, who in the face of flagrant corruption, betrayal of organizational and public trust, unethical journalism, kept mute until he became the victim.

The Punch Newspapers have come a long way. We are sure the organisation will not fold its arms to allow a brand created and sustained by dint of hard work, professionalism and high level of integrity of the founding fathers, be rubbished by the inordinate desire of a person or group of person.

Ayorinde saw something and has said something, albeit belatedly, We think his revelations should be of interest to The Punch Newspapers, Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria, Guild of Editors, Nigerian Union of Journalism and indeed all Nigerians of Conscience. The watchdog mouths must not be muffled with meaty bones of the corrupt in our society.  

Debo Adeniran

Executive Chairman, CACOL



Tuesday, 30 March, 2010

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