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Date Published: 03/29/10


Sunday, 28 March 2010

Leaders of Conscience, Labour meet in Abuja, as Enahoro sues for strong coalition


The Chief Convener of the Mega Party Movement, Chief Anthony Enahoro has  warned key political figures in the movement to be conscious of the systematic plot of Nigeria’s ruling clique to break the movement and destroy its new change agenda.

MSM has earlier alleged that there has been a clinical plot by some agents of a vicious clique  in the country to undermine the formation of the mega party.

In a memo dated 28 th March 2008 issued on behalf of the Elder statesman by the secretary of the mega summit movement the elder statesman was quoted as cautioning all leaders of conscience in the Mega Party Movement not to be influenced by insinuations based on unconfirmed media reports 

While correcting some impression created in the media about the state of the movement, the MSM Spokesman said,

“We have not failed to note that the ongoing process to recover the country is a bit complex, delicate and slow but with the evidences at our disposal, we are now very upbeat of ratifying the new mega party at the National Summit on 28 April 2010.

We have therefore intensified our alliance with labour and other emergent political parties and movements without losing track of the foundation of the process; eminent political leaders and 35 political parties. So, a two day special meeting has also been slated for Abuja on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 to formalize our agreement and make them public”

Commenting on General Muhammadu Buhari’s public declaration to contest for presidency and his membership of Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, MSM said CPC is a step forward for The Buhari Organization in the ongoing Mega Party negotiations and that Gen Buhari himself has confirmed to the leadership of the Mega Summit that he has not opted out of the credible process of forming a common formidable mega alternative for the masses of the country.

The movement said it welcomes early declaration of members political aspiration to help the leadership commence assessment of possible party’s flag bearers, as there now limited time for political campaigns going by INEC provisional time table.

MSM however likened the formation of the CPC to the emergence of the Northern Democratic Initiative, NDI, which was a clear attempt to strengthen the Mega Party Movement from the northern axis in order to present a formidable negotiation platform for the north within the larger mega party agenda.

“In the same vein, CPC is an emergent platform to protect the interest of Buhari loyalists and associates within the NDI and this does not negates the larger picture of still teaming up with other diverse stakeholders in the mega platform to form a common formidable party, as no single party or stakeholder can do the battle ahead on its own.

On the rumored return of Alhaji Atiku Abubarkar to PDP, Okunniyi said he doubts it but will find a way to cross check from the former vice president. He however asked Nigerians to ignore the present orchestrated negative impression and propaganda against the movement.


Olubori Obafemi

Media Assistant


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