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Ohakim London Quiz Hoax Burden Of Proof by Osita Okechukwu




 Conference of Nigeria Political Parties {CNPP} was down cast when we read in the Tribune of last sunday, 23rd of March, that a South East Governor was arrested in London over money laundering, two days later we were further refreshed by Leadership, that the EFCC and the Presidency are already on top of the situation.

 The story unfortunately came at a very bad time to meet the truama of citizenry in darkness,  bewildered by how monies meant to provide electricity to them were fleeced off and how money for their medicare was shared as christmas gifts to predators.

 The following day, giving the weight of such allegation, the spokesperson of the British High Commission, Mr James Mclaughlin said--'I can confirm to you that we have done all necessary checks and there was no such incident'. In the same vain, the spokesperson of the EFCC,Mr Osita Nwajah said--'The Commission wishes to state that no such security report was issued by us on Governor Ikedi Ohakim and no such report was sent to any law enforcement agency within or outside Nigeria, with intention to arrest or detain Governor Ohakim.'


 Our concern is premised on the cold fact that since the past nine years the image of Nigeria has been constantly battered and our rating internationally has been very low, following monumental corruption that has become the directive principle of state policy. Our foreign policy objective accordingly has been violently violated and all efforts to attract direct foreign investment has remained a mirage.

 We are witnesses to the gallant role Nigerian media is playing in the tortous struggle to deepen and sustain our nascent demoracy. To the extent that nobody any longer uses the dresive phrase Lagos-Ibadan press. The media has remained one of the pillars that cushion the slide of our democracy into fascism, is it the 3rd Term battle or the crass corruption that nearly tore the country apart?

 CNPP consequently challenges the newspapers that raised what turned out to be a hoax, to go the extra mile to confirm their story as the burden of proof rest squarely on the their shoulders ,otherwise best professional ethical practice demands retraction of the story.

 Osita Okechukwu
 National Publicity Secretary

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