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Write Of Reply (Pointblanknews) (sic) by Ahmed Musa


by Ahmed Musa" <akmedmusa@yahoo.com>

I’m so drunk writing this piece, but I think the ugocheneyere or whatever he calls himself should be ashamed to write anything defending the Commander in chief and his madam, least we want to hear is for them to tell us what is going on in Nigeria, first and not the least is what is happening to the oil blocks, are they going to allow the moribund allocations initiated by baba Iyabo to stay or are they going to do something about it.


 Lets say we all agreed that the union is ordained, and one can act for the other, Why are Nigerians not getting the required answers to questions, questions even the mute asked, about the state of the nation, the power sector is in ruin and the public hearings is opening cans of worms and nobody has asked Ribadu to come to the rescue of all the allegations against the Presidency where he found nothing amiss during the rein of baba Iyabo, what is the David Marks of this country doing to get the National Assembly out of the quagmire of corruption they are known for? Ribadu has not been able to bring one Minister even Imoke to book during the rein of terror Saddam Obasanjo but pointers are showing otherwise, Saharareporters.com has been writing things against Obasanjo and others in the presidency which we are getting to hear the truth today and nobody has commended them, where were the  Ugochineyeres when the public hearings were going on , please can you send him a short note from me? Ugo are you a political jobbers stepping into the shoes of the likes of Andy Uba or Nuhu Obasanjo Ribadu.  

Secondly, can this chap prove that the said first woman has not done these damages, has he appointed himself the media laundering man to the first woman, lets forget Lady in this matter as they are scarce nowadays in Nigeria re: Etteh and co.  I won’t want to go on and on until some of the questions are answered. My point is Ugo please write Saharareporters.com and don’t use pointblank against the Sahara news.

 A very drunk Nigerian




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