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I Did Not Have Sex With Obasanjo And My Father - Mojisola



Embattled Mojisola Obasanjo

Estranged wife of Gbenga Obasanjo, first Son of former President Olusegun Obasanjo has denied having any sexual relationship with the former President and her father, Otunba Alex Onabanjo as contained in an affidavit deposed to by her husband.

Mojisola in a letter signed by her lawyer, Kola Awodein, SAN, claimed that the affidavit and the subsequent media report that followed has exposed her to ridicule, odium and hatred within and outside Nigeria.

Below is full text of the letter from her lawyer

“We are solicitors to Mrs Mojisola Obasanjo (our client) who has instructed us to write this letter to you.
Our client’s complaint is about the series of news report, article and comments about her carried recently in your newspapers, which enjoys (sic) a wide circulation nationally and internationally.

“We refer specifically to the following publications, amongst others; namely:

(1) “Treasonable sex:” – published in your Sunday Sun of 13th January 2008 at front page.

(2) “Sex scandal – The Animal called Man” published in Saturday Sun of 19th January 2008, Vol 4 No. 261 at page 9.

(3) “Sex scandal: Obasanjo should blame himself not me – Kalu” published in Daily Sun of 25th January, 2008.

(4) “In search of the Randiest President – Sunday Sun of 27th January, 2008, page 15, Vol. 3 No. 254

(5) Obasanjo’s alleged sex with son’s wife, Alake, Egba Chiefs wade in”

“It is fight to finish – Gbenga”

Story in Page 52 of Vol. 3 No. 253 of Sunday Sun of 20th January, 2008.

“In the said news report, article and comment you alleged that our client committed acts of incest and incestuous adultery and also made other unjustifiable attack on her.


“These allegations are completely untrue and the said report, article and comments are on the whole gravely defamatory of our client. They were published maliciously to ridicule her and have exposed her to hatred, scandal, odium, contempt and similar feelings in the Nigerian community and worldwide. In all the circumstances, these publications are reckless and entirely without justification and are clearly actionable.

“Our instructions are that you;

i) Refrain forthwith from any further and or similar publications, either by way of news report, comments or articles or in any other manner whatsoever, concerning our client.

ii) Publish a full and complete withdrawal and an unreserved apology, in terms to be approved by us, in the front page of each of your newspapers;

iii) Indemnify her in respect of all the costs incurred so far as a result of your publications;

iv) Let us in the chambers know the amount you are prepared to pay her as damages for the serious injury done to her person and her reputation and for the embarrassment and great distress caused to her.

“TAKE NOTICE THEREFORE that unless there is a full compliance with her above demands within seven (7) days of the receipt of this letter, we shall proceed further with our client’s instructions to seek redress in our law courts.

Yours faithfully”
Signed by Kola Awodein, SAN


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