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Ex-Nigerian President Obasanjo Wasted Years And Sex Scandal



When Nigeria's former President, General Olusegun Obasanjo fraudulently came to power in 1999, most progressives in Nigeria had serious doubts about him and his ability to steer the ship of state to the promised land. This position was based on the fact that aside from the fact he dubiously handed over power in 1979 to a civilian President Shehu Shagari, his role during the putrid annulment of the election of late MKO Abiola, potrays a man who is conceited, egocentric, noxious and devious individual with nothing to offer. Ofcourse, the evil-genius, Gen. Ibrahim Bababngida and his co-travellers threw weight behind this misfit. They told Nigerians he was tough enough to stop the ambitious Nigerian military.

When he took over, he made a very ambitous inaugural speech. Promised all sorts of stuff. Set up scores of panels to look into abandoned contracts, and projects. He played the pope, grandstanding on morals and religion, foreign reserve, and corruption


But they were all lies. He was, and is still full of satanism. He wrecked the economy, the refineries stopped working, the roads went from bad to horrible, power supply went down by double digits, he destroyed the civil service, workers morale, loaded his cabinet with incompetent political nimcompoops, and his concubines. Most of his Senior special assistants were his female sidekicks. He turned the Presidential villa into a whorehouse. He unilateraally used millions of dollars from PTDF(Petroleum Dev. Fund), NNPC, etc to repackage his ailling Ota farm,,and make his Bell University a five star insitution. He used his office to raise over N7billion for his library that is non-existent. He used the election commission(INEC) led by dimwit Prof. Iwu, to instal al manners of degenerates at all levels.

Obasanjo's men like Bode George, Tony Anenih, Liel Imoke, funsho kupolokun, robbed the state blind, while his anti-corruption czar, Nuhu Ribadu watched. He only picked on his bosses opponents.

That they were locust years is a universal fact. Every sector suffered under his very oblique and baneful regime. Corruption was legalized by his evil and immoral regime.

That Obasanjo is extremely weak when it comes to the opposite sex is not strange to most of. This man could not keep his hands off his female ministers. But that he would go to the floor below was a kind of surprise. That Obasanjo who is a student of theology at Nigeria Open University(NOU), who Jerry Gana said is God sent, who made all top government functionaries scamper for seats every sunday at the presidential villa chapel, could be accused of having sex with his son's wife, Moji, shocked Nigerians.

His son, Gbenga, who has already filled for divorce, also accused his wife of sleeping with her own dad( Alex Onabanjo), and one other guy called Olumide Ogunlesi. The affidavit read in part "The petitioner(Gbenga) avers that he knows for a fact that the respondent(Moji) commited adultery with, and had an intimate sexual relationship with his own father, General Olusegun Obasanjo, due to her greed to curry favour and contracts from him (Obasanjo), in his capacity as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria". "Petitioner avers that the respondent also got rewarded for her adulterous acts with several oil contracts with NNPC(Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation) from his father, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, amongst which was the NNPC consulting training in supply chain management and project management awarded to her company Bowen and Brown", "Petitioner avers that that the actual father of the children of the marriage will be found amongst himself, Otunba Alex Onabanjo,and Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, and such must be addressed immediately"


Since the scandal broke Obasanjo has been silent while some ringside members of his party, the People Democratic Party(PDP), like Solomon Lar, Godwin Dabor, have called on him to resign as chair of the Board of Trutees(BOT), go home and sort out his mess. Predictably, party chair Ahmadu Alli, called it a family affair, forgetting that Obasanjo, commited these attrocities while in office.

But we are not surprised at the silence, because the PDP is the most corrupt organisation in black Africa. This is a party which tagged 80 year old a roadside tout, Lamidi Adedibu as father of the PDP.

Aside from the fact that it is hightime Obasanjo years were checked out by President Yar'Adua, who recently confirmed that $10billion was wasted on power supply that never was, the party should ask him to step aside, while the Baptist church should make him answer some questions. His son, Gbenga should not be swayed by appeals until the truth is revealed , at least for the sake of the kids..




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