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Date Published: 11/30/09

Imminent Sack: Aondoakaa seeks Brig. Gen. Akaagerger's (Rtd) intervention


In a desperate effort to remain as Attorney-General, and Justice Minister, Michael Aondoakaa, is seeking the intervention of one of his kins men, Brigadier General Joseph Akaagerger (Rtd). Sources say the scandal ridden minister is mounting pressure on Akaagerger to vouch for his good behavior before ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua, and stop his being shown the door.

Aondoakaa is on the verge of being given the boot sequel to his strings of scandals. He has been unbraided by the President and his kitchen cabinet that see the minister’s conduct as a huge tar on a not too sterling image of his administration.

The Justice Minister’s worry heightened when the President named Aloysius Katsina –Alu as the next Chief Justice. Technically, the confirmation of Katsina-Alu will knock out Aondoakaa since they are both from the Tiv stalk in Benue State.

But sources hinted that Aondoakaa’s efforts could come to naught as the President is mandated by the constitution to make whoever is next in line to retiring Justice Kutigi, the Chief Justice.


Sources also stated that it goes beyond both men being Tivs, since the constitution also mandates the President to make the next in line to the retiring Chief Justice, the new helms man.

Akaagerger, is also from the same area in Benue with Aondoakaa. Sources told pointblanknews that when all efforts to make some top Tiv sons and daughters speak with Yar’Adua, the justice minister opted for Akaagerger.

The Professor of Law was the Military Administrator who handed over power to Umaru Yar’Adua in Katsina state.

Sources disclosed that Yar’Adua is ‘indebted’ to Akaagerger who represents Benue North/East. It was learnt that at the time Yar’Adua joined the race for Governorship in 1999, he did not have the massive financial war chest needed for the gubernatorial battle.

Pointblanknews further gathered that when the Ex military Administrator realized Yar’Adua would find it hard to get to the Governor’s lodge, he decided to make available state funds to assist his candidate. The funds which ran into millions of naira, was used to rout the opposition.

The gesture, it was gathered, brought both men close. Our source said “ the two of them got close when Yar’Adua wanted to be Katsina State Governor. He was kind of low in cash. So Akaagerger decided to give him financial support with state funds. He made available tens of millions to Yar’Adua.”

On the possibility of him staying our source said” This move could be another waste of time, as Katsina-Alu is next in line, and the President is mandated by the constitution, but the minister was appointed”

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