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Date Published: 10/18/09

Balloon Boy Hoax: Why Richard Heene and his wife should be purnished


Few days ago, the whole nation was held spell bound when it was believed that a 6 year old boy was trapped in a flying balloon. The cable networks beamed live as the balloon hobbled thousands of miles in the air.The boy, Falcon Heene, was later found to be hiding in the attic of his parent’s garage.

Shortly after the balloon took off, the boy’s parents had called 911, claiming Falcon was trapped in the flying saucer. Shortly after the call, the state of Colorado mobilized resources and went after the rogue balloon. The boy’s father, Richard told the 911 dispatcher that he thought the balloon was heading for the airport. As reporters jostled for space in their home, Richard and his wife played the shocked and grieving parents of a 6 year old whose life was in extreme danger.

But when the balloon crash landed in an open field, there was nobody inside it. Shocked, state officials, journalists, and law enforcement agents decided to look around the house. And bingo, little Falcon popped from the attic. Right there and then, Richard claimed he was not aware Falcon was in the attic. That he called out his name several times but no response.

Confused officials, led by Sherriff Jim Alderdeen, did a quick interview with the parents, spoke to the media, and it appeared to be a happy ending. In response to some curious reporter’s question Alderdeen had said “ having talked to the parents we believe they were being honest…they appropriately expressed statements, non verbal communications, body language and emotions, that they were extremely consistent with events that were taking place”

And then, believing that they were in the clear, Richard and his wife agreed to appear on CNN’s Larry King Live. This is a guy who had enjoyed putting his kids in harms way just for the cameras. He had used to on storm chasing stunts, and made them appear on some rap video where the boys spilled profanities.

He and his wife who twice had appeared on wife swap reality show, had the three little boys with them when anchor man, Wolf Blitzer, asked Richard to ask his son why he did not respond to his calls while the serach for him(Falcon) was on? The rogue father was so confident of his earlier rehearsals that he decided to boldly ask Falcon the question. Then all hell broke lose.


The father had asked “…We called you several times, did you hear me calling?. The boy said yes…and he followed up, “ why did you not answer? And the innocent child replied his dad “…because you said we did it for a show “ Oops.

Immediately the parents heard this, they became uncomfortable. Even the other older boys’ body revealed something to viewers. Before Blitzer could do a follow up, Richard launched an attack at CNN accusing Blitzer of making wild insinuations. But the damage was done.

Then came the time for Richard to explain his son’s remark. He bungled the response so badly that his other sons and wife appeared very uncomfortable. This was his explanation “ I think he was talking about the wife swap show. Or after he showed journalists his hiding place, somebody had asked Falcon if he would show them how he got in the attic, so he was obliging them, and one of the guys told him it was for some TV show, so that’s what he was talking about” Incredible.

Sequel to this revelation by the boy, Sherriff Alderdeen did an about face. He now wants Child Protective Services to investigate the Heene’s, and that his team would pay the family a second visit. According to him “ the boys’ statement on CNN in which he said we did it for a show, has raised some new questions about whether the family had planned the accident”

We believe Richard and his wife, both publicity freaks faked the whole drama. They knew Falcon was in the garage somewhere. His story about Falcon referring to the journalist, who said his trip back into the garage was for a show, is a silly lie. Issue is, Falcon clearly said he did not answer to his dad’s calls because he felt he(Falcon) was doing what he was told to do. The point about some media guy touring the garage was after the fact.

Against this backdrop, it is our view that the Heene’s family be investigated by the police and Child services, and that if he is found to have staged the whole show, then he and his wife should be made to, aside from refund all monies wasted by the state, they should also face some jail time if such exist in the Colorado statute books. if they allowed to get away with this, they would continue to endanger the lives of the kids, and may want to try the insane stunt again with tons of state dollars down the drain.


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