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How Chioma Anasoh, Super-Mistress ruined Fani-Kayode

…Dumps Fani-Kayode for Senator Omisore

…Tattoos FFK (Femi Fani-Kayode) on her left Breast

Femi Fani-Kayode

Indications have emerged on how a last-minute somersault on a marriage proposal between the embattled former minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode and his former mistress, Miss Chioma Anasoh, is threatening the political and marital future of the flamboyant politician.

But for providence, family sources say, preparations had already hit advanced stages for the duo of Fani-Kayode and Chioma to tie the nuptial knot at an elaborate ceremony sometime in June 2007, to consummate their whirlwind romance which began in 2004.

Since the marriage proposal hit the rocks, the centre has refused to hold for the former love birds, with Chioma, who reportedly feels shortchanged, vowing to exact her pound of flesh. “If l cant have FFK (Fani-Kayode’s alias) to myself after investing four years of my life, nobody would,” the 29 year-old 2004 zoology graduate of the University of Lagos was said to have sworn to some of their common friends.

Perhaps as a demonstration of her resolve to have Fani-Kayode, Chioma was said to have been so infatuated to the point of having “FFK” tattooed just above her left breast, after which she reportedly exclaimed “now let me see who can break this spiritual marriage!”

However, continued the source, unknown to Chioma, Regina, Fani’s Ghanaian wife, sensing that she was on the verge of losing her husband to a strange Nigerian woman, mobilized over 50 prayer warriors to help her husband break loose from what she considered Chioma’s spiritual yoke.

While God appeared to have answered Regina’s prayer on breaking Chioma’s yoke on her husband, it is however uncertain if the woman also asked God to protect her husband from the fury of the bitter lady, given that Fani-Kayode’s troubles appear to be mounting by the day.

“We thought it was all a joke. But the recent travails of FFK, particularly with the EFCC and other problems have proven with certainty that, of a truth, hell hath no fury than a woman scorned,” one of the minister’s friends confessed.

According to the source, “since June 2007, when it became clear to Chioma that Fani-Kayode was not in a hurry to dump his wife of close to 20 years for her, instead of moving on with her life, she cleverly concealed her bitterness and resolved to stay back to ensure that FFK met with a sure, installmental destruction.”

First, the source, continued, the former minister’s mistress ensured that she cleaned out her lovers savings and investments through frivolities. “You know, Fani had just left office as minister. This young lady (Chioma) ensured that they continued their ‘honeymoon’ from the Bahamas to Brazil, from Amsterdam to New York. She (Chioma) would shop only in exclusive shops, buying up fortunes of jewelry while they lodged in the world’s most luxurious hotels,” he stressed.

“Certain that Fani-Kayode had been stripped of his last penny, Chioma began negotiating with the man’s political opponents, particularly in his native Osun State, on how best to drive the nail into the former minister’s political coffin. With a 47-count charge involving money laundering and other related issues slammed on him by the EFCC, one need not ask if Chioma is succeeding,” stated the source.

Another source close to the minister’s estranged mistress explained that Chioma, whose uncle Basil Anasoh is on the EFCC board, began discussions with the anti-graft body on how best to rope in her former lover without drawing attention to herself. At about the same time, she started seeing Senator Iyiola Omisore, who, like Fani-Kayode, is interested in taking from Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola, in 2011.

The source explained that it was Chioma who gave out FFK’s mobile telephone number through which the anti-agency trailed and eventually arrested the former minister. “Following a tip-off that the EFCC were on his trail, FFK changed his mobile phone number. Under the guise of giving a good friend company in his time of need, Chioma kept a tab on her lover by being with him everywhere. From FFK’s hide-out, and unknown to the former minister, the young lady had turned a mole and kept updating the EFCC on his movements, and when they eventually called up his new number, which at the time wasn’t even known to his family members, Fani-Kayode knew that the game was up and gave himself up,” the source added.

“Apart from intelligence gathered from our sources in the EFCC,” Fani’s friend continued, “the fact that, apart from Chioma, who was the most prominent aide at the time, all aides of the former minister were questioned by the EFCC casting a huge question mark on her role in the saga.”


Other sources offered that, upon realizing what hit him, a now broke Fani-Kayode, spends the better part of his time calling up his former and present aides, seeking their forgiveness over the way he had punished them each time their paths crossed with Chioma.

For as Special Assistant/Mistress to Fani-Kayode, Chioma reputedly wielded the most power while her lover boy served in the Ministries of Culture and Tourism, and Aviation. Many an aide and civil servant had incurred the wrath of Fani-Kayode simply because Chioma mouthed one complaint or the other about them.

One of her friends said: “We were all surprised on how Chioma, who used to live in Egbeda and sell clothes for her sister in Gbagada, had become one of the most powerful women in Nigeria. Through Fani-Kayode, she met hordes of ministers and very powerful politicians and being very street-wise, Chioma never let any opportunity pass her by, smiling to the bank with every fresh deal struck.

“Just to prove that she was no longer the backyard Chioma we used to know, she would take one or two of us on shopping trips in Dubai, London, New York. She would take us to see for ourselves her housing estates, her luxury apartments in Ikoyi, VGC and Asokoro, flaunt her Hummer jeep, Range Rover Sport, Acura Legend, Porsche Cayenne, and Audi S5 convertible. Her taste for jewelry was, to say the least, obscene,” one of her friends declared.

“Fani is not the first to be ruined by Chioma, who is never tired to boast of her Amaifeke-Orlu heritage. Her betrothed died two weeks into their wedding, when she was only 22, while the second committed suicide. The third guy who tried to marry Chioma was a stockbroker with BGL. Today, he is a jobless wreck.

“She began testing her powers in Abuja by confronting Adaobi, who was Fani’s mistress when he resumed as Presidential Assistant. When Adaobi wouldn’t budge, Chioma unleashed her mystic powers and today, Adaobi cannot be said to be sane. A sister of another of Fani’s friend, Loveth, dropped dead a few days after Chioma threatened to harm her if she didn’t stop seeing Fani.

“There is this lawyer called Chioma. The poor girl’s dad died two months after Chioma threatened to kill her family members if she saw him with Fani again. While the deaths may all be unrelated, Chioma never stops maintaining that her cosmic powers can manipulate any human situation,” another source added.

One of Chioma’s friends, who spoke to Pointblanknews.com, however expressed disappointment at the reported turn of events. “They had one of the most romantic relationships. Chioma’s younger sister Amaka is in Reading University in the UK. Another is in an American University; one warming up for a Post Graduate program in the UK. Even her brother in Dubai and herself, warming up for a Post Graduate program, all owe their ascendancy to Fani-Kayode. We know none of them ever traveled abroad. But all that changed in 2004 when Chioma, who now speaks with a British accent, met Fani.

Chioma has reportedly gone underground since her former lover’s trial began. Attempts to speak with her on her cell phones 08053414478 and 07055626693 were unsuccessful as they kept launching into voice messages. Our text messages to her were not acknowledged.

On the other hand, Fani-Kayode’s media assistant, Bayo Oladeji neither confirmed nor denied the issues raised in this story. He however insisted that he would not bring himself to comment on his boss’ private life, pleading, “Please, leave me out of this.”

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