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A growing unbridled ambition at subjugating freeborn and blind quest to subdue neighboring sovereign territories, the recently crowned king of an ancient kingdom in Ondo State, Nigeria, Akure with an approximate population of 500,000 is being accused of perpetuating corrupt acts, unbecoming of the throne of the Deji of Akureland.

Akure indigenes, home and the Diaspora have deployed a recent murder attempt allegedly authorized by their royal leader, Oba Adesina during which the Vice President of the Civil Society Group, Oyemekun International Club (O.I.C), Chief Dare Alọ almost lost his life.

Chief Alọ, the Ejenikin of Oba Ile, the radio-city of the state, had visited Nigeria to personally hand-over the gift of an modern ambulance to the Akure community.

Alọ was said to have witnessed the primitive raids and ill-treatment of market-women said to be approved with the royal seal of the Deji and heroically stepped-in to correct the injustice.

Specifically, the Deji was said to have ordered an illegality: The seizure of tomatoes and vegetables sourced from surrounding towns and villages. He was said to be on a vindictive spree against towns and villages whose heads and kings would not pay annual homage and tributes (Isakole), a practice that is illegal and unconstitutional in the present Nigerian democracy.

The Deji was said to have always sworn to ruining the economies of such “rebellious” communities. And when market women from Akure, brought goods from such places, the Deji sends out his “eru-Owas” (palace emissaries) to vandalize, seize and squelch such vegetables.


Ejemikin Alọ was said to have witnessed and challenged one of such wanton “violation of the rights of the women to engage in free enterprise”, as a result of which “the maniacal Deji” ordered his beating.

Alọ ended in the hospital ward with a fractured skull and barely made it alive to the United States where he is now undergoing intensive treatment in a Baltimore, Maryland hospital.

The Deji of Akure does not act alone; he acts in concert with such redoubtable characters like one time pretentious democratic presidential flag bearer Chief Olu-Falae his cousin, first Republic Minister of State for Agriculture, Chief Bolanle Adedipe, the Elemo of Akure.

They are said to form a dubious “Deji-in-Council” body which forays outside Akure city and tries to install chiefs and heads for neighboring towns and villages like Omode, Araromi, Ago-Abo (Ilu-Abo) Alayere etc.

Any challenge to their expansionist agenda is often met with “brutal thuggery,” said an Akure High Chief who pled anonymity during a weekend interview with the pointblanknews.com

A section of Akure kingmakers said they are not sure that the king has any real royal as “he continues to bring our heritage into disrepute. He takes over peoples’ wives and properties in a sacrilegious way. Our heads are bloodied by his thugs. If the government does not act, then this land may witness some drastic solutions.” Chief Olu Falae would not grant any interview. And the Deji could not be reached.      

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