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Corruption And Stealing Of DESOPADEC Funds



 Delta State requires development in all aspects and ramifications of our existence.  The present Government headed by His Excellency, Emmanuel Uduaghan appears to be operating from the opposite direction. The war against corruption is seen and regarded as a laughable contraption and the malady is assuming a dimension that may update the Guiness Book of Records to accommodate the new champion, Governor Uduaghan.


DESOPADEC is one fat caow the Governor and has cronies have decided to feed fat from. Since January 2007 to date, the agency was supposed to have recieved over N41 Billion and as at present, only N12Billion has been released, leaving a short fall of N28 Billion. From our investigations, we have been told that the Governor is so obsessed with his current case in court and have used part of the money from DESOPADEC to bribe the Appeal Court judges. He has equally shared some of the money to his cronies and family members and we have documents to back up this facts.

We are urging you to expose these thieves in Delta with your trusted medium. We are going to send some documents to you and we believe you will treat accordingly.

We are giving the leadership of DESOPADEC 14 days to explain what happened to the N28 Billion else we would invite the EFCC and go to court. Our people are tired of leaders who come, do nothing for the people and steall all the money. NDYM will fight on.


Comrade Efekoda Lawrence JP


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