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by Oludare Ogunlana


The attention of the Bafarawa Initiative for Nigeria, (BIN) has been drawn to an article written by one Aminu Ginga with the above caption “Bafarawa Must Apologize to the North or Else..” Mr. Aminu Ginga, who is known to be one of the serving members of Mr. Wamako’s cabinet. In his height of hypocrisy and PDP’s crooked trademarks of deceit and fraud, concealed his identity by claiming that he writes from Usmanu Dan Fodio University.  He based his argument on the statement made by Alh. Attahiru Bafara (Garkwan Sokoto) in an interview granted in the Daily Sun of 30 th November 2008. The statement goes thus; “Our Government constructed over 1000 kilometers road, produced over 50 medical doctors, built a time tested State Media House and hooked our people to the national grid. These are feats that were not achieved by Sardauna, Shagari and Kangiwa’s government put together.” (Bafarawa 2008; The Sun News paper). The bottom-line is what must Bafarawa apologize for? Or else what will happen to him?

We would like to state that nothing could be mischievous more than Aminu Ginga twisting negatively a genuine and patriotic statement made by Bafarawa in an effort by Ginga  to score a cheap political goal for his serpent master (Mr. Wamako), who is currently saddled with a credibility problem as a usurper and illegal occupier of Sokoto State Government house. This is another attempt to destroy the person of Alh. Bafarawa by inciting people against him forgetting the fact that the Northerners (especially Sokoto indigenes) are no more gullible but now enlightened beyond what political illiterates and opportunist like Aminu Ginga and his masters can keep twisting and manipulating. Never again! An educated mind is a liberated soul. The northerners are now enlightened through education and that is one of the major feats of which Bafarawa is celebrating today, as part of those that made it possible for Sokoto indigenes through his free education program at all levels under his eight years administration in Sokoto State.

In setting the record straight, no one in Nigeria today can wave off the achievement of Sardauna of Sokoto Sir Ahmadu Bello of blessed memory. He laid the backbone for the development of the Northern Region. In an article written by Usman Garba Danturaki published in Arewa-Online.com, he summarized the life of Sir. Ahmadu Bello as a life of Struggle, Commitment and Contentment. He posited further that upcoming leaders should see him as a role model (i.e Dan Kwarai) by building on his achievement and record of service as a selfless leader with vision. The same could be said of his contemporaries like Chief Awolowo in the South-West and Chief Nnamdi Azikwe in the East. They all laid foundations for the basic development of their region allowing the unity of an entity called Nigeria under true federalism.

The point we are making is that while acknowledging Sardauna as a legend, the fact remains that every political leader is a product of his time. It is no doubt in the fact that, Sir. Ahmadu Bello struggles yielded more dividends for the whole Northern Region but not as visible in Sokoto State of where he was born in 1910. It is the same vision that Alh. Attahiru Bafarawa emulated that made him to build hospitals, construct roads, train medical doctors and provide Sokoto indigenes with good infrastructure.  These feats were not achieved by Sardauna before he suffered martyrdom in 15 January 1966.  It has always been a dream of every good father to see his children doing great things and achieve more than he has done while living or dead.  I am sure of what the feeling of Sardauna of Sokoto will be today in paradise seeing one of his sons doing more and consolidating on his vision for the betterment of his people.

We can go over and over. Yes, President Shagari was once a Nigerian President of which we are proud of him as a product of Sokoto State, but responsibilities and policies were made with a focus on national issues. How many roads did he construct in Sokoto? How many medical doctors from Sokoto State? How many industries was he able to set up in Sokoto State before his tenure was rudely terminated by military adventurist. All these are known facts and not just an analysis to belittle their achievement or rubbish their record of service as national leaders and northern heroes. Alh. Attahiru Bafarawa was specific in his choice of words in the interview by referring to Sokoto State and his records of achievements for Sokoto people as Govenor for eight years.


Let me educate you further, that Owelle of Onisha, Late Nnamdi Azikwe never developed the Eastern part of Nigeria and not even Anambra State where he originated from but the achievement of the like of Dr. Chris Ngige and Sir Peter Obi surpassed his achievement in terms of development in his State. Of course, he was Zik of Africa and a National leader of his time. Sir Martin Luther King, Jr. laid the foundation for the liberation of black people in the United States but President Barack Obama surpassed his achievement by being elected to the highest office in the United States of America.

The conclusion of Aminu Ginga’s article gives him out clearly as a spokesperson for Mr. Wammako. Let me tell you, that Alh. Attahiru Bafarawa will never join issues with any political robbers and the so called self serving political looters in government or outside the government.  In a matter of time, the truth shall reveal itself.  The evil Babylon of election riggers will soon collapse and it shall be clear to them that they live in hell but not in heaven.

Nigerians are not deceived with the rented crowd that came to court in an effort to tarnish the image of our presidential hopeful. If Alh. Bafarawa is corrupt, why has it taken the EFCC or ICPC for long time to charge him to court like his other colleagues? If Bafarawa has something to hide, he would have joined the band wagon of political prostitutes by jumping onto the PDP train like Wamako and others did in order to right off their corruption cases.  He will not have the guts to challenge President Yar’adua as a person, who never prepared for the herculean task forcefully and fraudulently imposed on him by former President Olusegun Obasanjo after the failure of the infamous third term agenda. We may also send you home to inquire and verify from your political fathers on how they tried hard to lure Bafarawa into PDP with one billion naira. Obasanjo and Andy Uba have never denied the allegation till-date.  Every Nigerian knows the definition of PDP as Peoples Destructive Party. Is that not so? Let them publish their achievement for ten years at the helm of affairs of Nigeria.

In conclusion, Alh. Atahiru Dalhatu Bafarawa stands by his word and there is no regret addressing the challenges our country faces under the poor leadership of PDP at the National and State levels. We can say, with a deep sense of responsibility that nothing misdirects the youth more powerfully than the pervasive influence of bad leaders.

In our considered opinion, only men and women who are imbued with a deep sense of mission to solve societal problems without creating additional problems are fit to govern other people, no matter what the geographical location may be and that is what is lacking in Sokoto State and Nigeria at present. For us to move forward as a Nation, we must accept a moral re-armament that will equip us to rise up and speak against evil in the society. We must be of such a moral fiber that can live in sacrifice. I say, with a sense of nationalism that without the future leadership of men and women of ancient character and values will mean nothing to the millions of Nigerians living far below poverty line under leaders who pursue politics without principle.


Oludare Ogunlana is Director of Organization and Strategy for Bafarawa Initiative for Nigeria, (BIN) and writes from Baltimore, United States of America.


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