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Much Ado about Atiku’s Visit to Obasanjo  

By: Lami H. Dauda


I am totally flabbergasted to say the least at the outrage and manner at which some people have reacted to the recent visit by the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to his erstwhile boss, President Olusegun Obasanjo.

It is a common knowledge to all especially, back here at home that at the twilight of their administration as President and Vice President, their relationship for one reason or the other deteriorated. Things got messy. Accusations and counter-accusations were thrown at each other via the media {audio/visual aids, print (newspapers) and wireless (internet)}, which to my opinion helped in sustaining the imbroglio to the extent there were genuine fears the military could strike.

With all due respect to those who have expressed their dismay at the uncommon courage exhibited by the warring duos (Obasanjo and Atiku), to bury the hatchet and reconcile their differences, I am truly surprised that instead of applauding their rare leadership qualities and encouraging them, some people have refused to see the wisdom in what these leaders have done. I cannot understand why some people have refused to recognize the benefits of harmonious coexistence. Rather, they are needlessly portraying the visit as an attempt by the two leaders to re-launch their political careers. When has it become a crime to forgive and put behind past events?

Constitutionally, Obasanjo cannot seek to contest a Presidential election any more. Though, it is not the same for his deputy, Atiku Abubakar. I beg to differ from those that paint the principal logic behind his visit as mainly to garner support for his presidential aspiration. Political offices are decided by the entire voting population of a country and not just a group of people or one person. Nigerians will decide who run the affairs of this nation in 2011.

We should ensure and pray that the Obasanjo – Atiku peace move benefit the country in the end.


No one to the best of my knowledge suggested that what happened between them in those days of acrimony was in the best interest of our country. So, it is in the best interest of the country that they have sheathed their swords. No religion so far preaches vengeance, malice and bitterness towards one another.

I was irked by how Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah in the Leadership newspaper of Monday 26 January 2009 took a swipe at both Obasanjo and Atiku Abubakar by using uncouth words and unrestrained language in his attack. He went as far as branding them as “jesters” and not elder statesmen. Haba mana! We should endeavour to use the media to promote peace and healthy coexistence. Peace is a recipe for development of any nation, be it politically, socially and economically. Besides, no creation of the Almighty God would wish to depart this world with unsettled grudges.

It is a common fact and knowledge that when two people disagree, those who profit from such crisis would not want it to end. History will vindicate Atiku. History will show that Atiku has taken the right decision in reconciling with former political foes.

Whereas developed and some developing nations continue to call for peace amongst its citizens, the reverse is the case here in Nigeria for reasons I have strongly associated with pure selfishness. If we truly wish our leaders well, we would encourage them to work harmoniously together to develop and transform this nation into a strong, prosperous and stable country.


By: Lami H. Dauda

Gwarinpa Estate,



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