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The Supreme Court And The Burden Of Conscience by Femi Alao




The following Justices will soon decide the fate of this country constitutionally and democratically,whether to follow the path of decency or to jettison equity and live with a seared conscience.Supposing as being speculated that some Government Officials have actually secured some funds elsewhere and have gone ahead to bribe the seven members of the Supreme Court,it is a disservice to the nation and betrayal of trust.

The seven highly respected members of the supreme court are Chief Justice of the Federation,Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi,Justice Aloysius Iyorger Katsina-Alu,Justice Dahiru Mustapher,Justice George Adesola Oguntade,Justice Niki Tobi,Justice Sunday Akintola Akintain and Justice Alooma Mariam Muktar.

Assuming they have collected the thirty million dollars sourced from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation,they can go ahead and deliver judgement in favour of the petitioners and cancel the presidential elections and we start all over.This can save their integrity and keep the clean slate they have been known of long time ago.Since secondary school in the middle 1970s, one has been reading of such fearless Judges like Idris Legbo Kutigi,Justice Aloysius Iyorger Katsina-Alu,Justice Dahiru Musdapher,Justice Niki Tobi,Justice Alooma Mariam Muktar and the other two.Therefore,the expectations of the citizenry is very high that the elections will be cancelled.

At this twilight of their age,there is nothing to fear again. They should not be swayed by pot of porridge and smear this indomitable,indefatigable, irrepressible courage they have been known with. History beckons on them to seize this moment and declare what is forthright and damn the consequences. The number seven religiously symbolically connotes rest.They should give Nigerians rest from this clueless,colourless administration that has made things stagnant.


The whole world is changing and different nations,different nation-states,different tongues and tribes are embracing change and dynamism.We cannot be the exception because of greed and selfishness.In fact, if,it is true  and confirmed the nocturnal visits of retired Justice Lawal Uwais and Michael Kaase Andooaka to the supreme court to persuade them, the history makers to change their minds and turn the truth on its head,they must be exposed and shamed for doing just that.We cannot be talking of fighting corruption from two sides of the mouth.While,we preach another thing,we perpetrate an ignominy elsewhere.

Nigerians will never forgive the seven supreme court Judges forever,if they do not nullify the presidential elections.No elections took place at all,other than violence,maiming,beating, harassing and intimidating of innocent voters.As for those who are arguing that for the sake of the security of the nation and the welfare of the people the elections should not be anulled,is it any better?For the seventeenth month or eighteenth,this current administration has been in power,just be fair and Godfearing even in your heart,what remarkable change has taken place?Which security our we talking about?Is the skyrocketing prices of foodstuff or rampaging armed robbers that rob banks and churches in broad daylight? Let us be specific,where is the change?There will be no blood shed if the presidential elections are nullified.You might even be surprised the general public will jubilate,because ,you the supreme court Judges would have taken away the doubt and uncertainty surrounding this presidency that have made governance stationary.

This burden of history and conscience is at your feet now.You either take it up gallantly or abandon it and live forever with an ugly history, that those we respected,those we revered for their uprightness hobnobbed with morally bankrupt and depraved persons and foisted on us inefficient Government that came in illegally.We will never forgive you.We will never forget,how you betrayed us.Fascist and rascist United States of America has not collapsed or broken into two that an African-American has been elected president of the most powerful country on earth.We have to  start now and drop the ropes of immorality.Let us come clear in the eyes of the world and show them,we can do it on our own without being told.As a conclusion do not be deceived by desperate politicians,who are after the things of this world Those who want to make money,where they have not sown.They are the deceitful type,who are surrounding now to tinker with history,saying you have served that long and you have not saved much.

The last word is particularly to Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi,so much has been said about you,Sir.I have never seen you and neither know anyone close to you,but the little,I have read on the pages of newspapers and magazines, is that you are man of high principles and does not compromise your integrity at all. No matter whose ox is gored. Cast your vote on the side of a well-written history and on a golden plate.Ignore the shenanigans and their rotten pot-hole “GHANA MUST GO”.You have carved a good name already,let it be so forever.We can assure you,we have been praying that Allah Subhana Wata’ala will see you through.Don’t fear.Just do the right thing and the people will hail you and God,Amighty will be pleased with you..There was no presidential elections in Nigeria,at all.





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