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Okey Ndibe's Attack On Atiku Is Mischievous by Abdallah Sha'aibu Mailafia


Okey Ndibe's attack on Atiku is mischievous

For a very long time, I have been an ardent reader of Okey Ndibe on Saharareporters or the Sun Newspaper where he is a regular columnist. Even though I have had cause to disagree with some of views, I still regard Okey as a sound public commentator. And as a human being, gullibility is an attribute he can not run away from. He erred in his analysis. 

Okey Ndibe¢s recent take on Atiku Abubakar is the most recent in his media traverse. He expressed his mind as one of those Nigerians that are disappointed in Atiku joining the PDP. But I am most surprised that Okey expressed such a view when he clearly pointed that he has never seen anything good in Atiku. He did not only contradict himself but portrayed himself as someone who is on a mission of vendetta.


That Atiku is on his way to PDP is still a speculation. Even if Atiku eventually does as being speculated, is he not entitled to his personal right and liberty? Why is Okey crying foul on the action of a politician he does not believe in? Methinks the least thing to ever bother the likes of Okey Ndibe is any issue concerning Atiku Abubakar. If Atiku likes, let him opt for ANPP or Labour Party. As long as what he does is not against the laws of the land, I believe Atiku should be left alone to enjoy his peace. He should be spared from the venomous assault of Okey's pen.

To some feeble minds, politics in Nigeria is all about Atiku. So many other politicians, in the past, have abandoned their parties for other political parties. No one, not even our erudite writer like Okey Ndibe deem it fit to write a few lines to condemn the act. For instance, Orji Uzor Kalu, the benefactor of the Sun Newspaper Ndibe writes for opted for the Government of National Unity. Okey sees nothing wrong in that. Kalu has been routing for the government of Yar¢Adua with his write-ups in the print media. There is nothing with that. If Atiku is fit to lead the masses against tyranny, what stops Kalu from doing the same?

Ndibe¢s write-up is full of spite on the person of Atiku Abubakar. It was just full of verbal attack on Atiku. Haba Ndibe! Has Atiku prevented you from getting a political appointment? He accused Atiku of being in charge in the first few years of Obasanjo¢s government. For this reason, Okey pronounced Atiku a corrupt leader. Yet, Atiku¢s name has not been mentioned in all the probes at the National Assembly. Is that not enough evidence for the likes of Ndibe to have a rethink before attacking an innocent citizen? When or where Okey Ndibe conducted his probe that indicted Atiku is best known to him.

I don¢t want to believe that Ndibe is suffering from Atikuphobia too, just like Professor Jubril Aminu. The mere mention of Atiku makes some people feverish. Okey Ndibe has confirmed that he is one of such people.

Abdallah Sha'aibu  Mailafia

( abdallahlafia@yahoo.com )

No 8A, Tudun Wada Street


Nasarawa State



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