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Andy Nnambi UBA - An Enigma With A Powerful Agenda by Ugo Harris UkandU



 By Ugo Harris UkandU

I am disputing an article in the Nigerian Tribune Newspapers of Of Teusday, October 14 2008 titled "Andy Uba: Time to move on" by Ken Ogbodo.His article is attached at end of my article below. Reading through his story I do feel that he has a right to make his points, but he should also look at some positive dynamics that Mr.Andy Uba created from his work with former president Olusegun Obasanjo in the last administration.

Our group have been researching and deliberating on political leadership and  issues that relates to Igbo nation since the advent of  the new democratic dispensation in Nigeria since 1999 to present  under President Musa Yaradua administration, and particularly under President Olusegun Obasanjo Administration. we have also tried to look into the ways and means Igbo leaders have been able to re-position Igbos into the main stream and scheme of things since 1999 in Nigeria political and economic leadership circles,  and we have came to a certain conclusion after due diligence, research, and consultation . The last nine years of democracy in Nigeria has created a new Igbo leadership that by commission or omission; Some of whom have been able to elevate and highlight the problems and needs of the Igbo nation. some have been failures and did not add much for Igbos in terms of political and economic leadership no matter the circumstances they are faced with;and quite a few have succeeded in their own little ways in defining Igbos positively and working for Igbo progress under the suffocating intrigues in Nigeria public, economic and political sphere.


Our research took us through all the political office holders of Igbo descents  in Nigeria since 1999 to present,  from the Governors, senators, Federal ministers and Federal positions, House of representative members, State and local leadership in Igbo land.  we have had some great ones and achievers and we also have had some failures. On a scale from one to ten based on a higher number, some Igbo leadership in the last nine years deserve high grades of at least six high point out of ten for their political leadership and perseverance despite all odds. These leaders tried to  give Igbos credible, dignified seat and voice on the table when Nigeria political, economic and military decision are made. Some of these great former and current Igbo leaders who did their best under the Nigerian suffocating circumstances to name a few are senator Anyim Pius Anyim Former Senate President, late  Dr. Chuba Okadigbo a former Senate President, Senator Ike Nwachukwu, Governor Orji Uzoh Kalu, Dr. Chukwuma soludo Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Okonjo-Iweala former Finance minister, senator  Uche chukwumerije, Senator Annie Okonkwo, Chief Ogbulafor Current PDP Chairman, Chief Ojo-Maduekwe Nigeria current Foreign Minister, Chief Roachas Okoroacha a top PDP member, Mrs. Ezekwesili former minster of Education and Natural resources,Dr. Maurice Iwu current INEC Chairman, Mrs.Dora  Akunyili NAFDAC Chair-woman, Ambassador Aguiyi Ironsi Former Minister of state for Defence etc, and Mr. Andy Nnamdi Uba, Former Special Assistant to President Olusegun Obasanjo on Domestic Affairs (1999-2007).

When history will look into the work and activities of all the Igbo leaders especially at the Federal level under President Olusegun Obasnajo, a name that history will not forget and whom history will eventually judge fairly is an obscure Mr. Andy Uba the former Presidential assistant for domestic affairs for his insight and contribution to the re-emergence of Igbo ingenuity into the Federal government of Nigeria during president Olusegun Obasanjo Administration. Despite the problems he has had in the courts nullifying his election as the governor of Anambra State ; the fact will remain that  Andy Uba is a rare gem who has been unfairly misunderstood and vilified for actions and deeds committed by other people and political associates close to him. The question is,  should a person be  judged by other people actions when it is convenient for political expediencies? Mr. Andy Uba should be judged on merit and on his actions and not judged on innuendo, lies and fabrications by his political enemies just to gain political points. As recent events has proven that most  of the allegation and speculations against Mr. Andy Uba did not hold water and it were just that - speculations without merit.

Under President Olusegun Obasanjo Administration, the highly Urbane and debonair Andy Uba for the most part single handedly played  powerful role and had a voice in all the political, economic, diplomatic and military appointments of Igbos to some of the most powerful position in the Obasnajo Administration. He was an important and reliable  (Kitchen cabinet ) member in the inner workings of the Obasanjo administration, and he made input on important national decisions of Nigeria political, economic and other vital national decisions ever taken at any other time in Igbo history while working for former President Obasajo in the new
democratic dispensation.

we will dare to say that from our research and consultations Mr. Andy Uba played a major role in the final selection and vetting of all the powerful positions Igbos held under Obasanjo Administration and in most cases these were positions Igbos have never held in the history of Nigeria like the Finance minister, Governor of Central Bank, Defence Minister, NNDC Chairman and all the other powerful positions Igbos held under president Obasanjo, the was direct and indirect involvement of Mr. Andy Uba input and suggestion in these appointments.

 President Obasanjo had so much confidence and trust in Mr.  Andy Uba, that he traveled every where and all over the world with him,  and he delivered in every assignment from the presidency. In the process he did a lot of good but also a lot of his efforts did not turn out quite well, and I am sure he has learnt his lessens and he is a  strong young man and we have not yet seen the last of him.

As an enigma, Andy Uba has been defined by his detractors as an evil empire, a riddle and a puzzle as his conduct and actions is always  a mystery to people as an enigma,  but according to  people who are  close to him and who know him well like  Mr. Ransome Orem of  website www. Nowpublic.com/andy_uba_ a_ rare _ symbol _ of _ humility. He wrote it more clearly by the way he defined the true Andy Uba we have come to know; quote “Andy Uba is too dignified to be rubbished, too humble to be
insulted, too great in all such wisdom to be belittled, and too meek to be associated with brazen evil. A technocrat of sorts, a man  of repute, a man who lets his mind rather than emotions direct his actions. Andy Uba should really deserve commendation rather than cynicism and wanton criticism. Humility is a rare virtue, one quite difficult to imbibe; so it takes both intelligence and wisdom to be truly humble. It takes foresight and the willingness to be great, to live by the principles of true humility. ” unquote

When Igbos stop pulling down young and dynamic leaders among us, but instead support, teach and comfort them even when they make mistakes; then we can truly build new, constant and dynamic leadership for Igbo nation and for Nigeria , instead of the constant turn over and discrediting of our credible new and  upcoming leaders.

Ugo Harris UkandU
Nigeria Democracy and Justice Project
Washington, DC

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