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Why Prof. Jubril Aminu Is Afraid Of Atiku's Return To The PDP by Michael Falu




Intoxicated by the flattering media attention that he undeservedly receives, Professor Jubril Aminu continues to display such incredible level of arrogance that makes it necessary for discerning readers to expose the opportunistic Senator from Adamawa State. Left unchallenged, Professor Aminu could mistake our silence for submission to his views and prejudice, especially his unrelenting and unwarranted expression of hatred against former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

One is particularly compelled to react to the recent vitriolic outbursts of the Professor against Atiku Abubakar. The Senator told the Sun newspaper that the former Vice President is not wanted back in the PDP. Does the PDP which formation Atiku Abubakar and other founding members expended energy and resources exclusively belong to the Professor of cardiology, who opted to waste his talent in political opportunism rather than saving lives?

Who is Professor Aminu to go against the wishes of President Yar’Adua in his well-meaning resolve to bring about reconciliation in the Party by wooing back its active founding members that were frustrated out of the PDP to make way former President Obasanjo’s desire to hijack the party structure by undemocratic and coercive means? Why is Professor Aminu mortally afraid of Atiku’s return to the PDP? This is the fundamental question that should interest Nigerians.

Any Nigerian with keen memories would not easily forget the destruction of internal democracy in the PDP by former President Obasanjo and his errand boys. Sadly, Professor Aminu satanically lent his hands to these undemocratic efforts by former President Obasanjo to establish his own political structure by coercive methods. As a first step to this evil agenda, the former PDP national chairman, Chief Audu, Ogbeh was forced to resign at gunpoint by Gen. Obasanjo even before his tenure ended.

Using blackmail and intimidation, former President Obasanjo scared PDP Governors from standing by Audu Ogbeh.. Consequently, Obasanjo and his chorus boys, including Professor Aminu, succeeded in changing the party leadership by force rather than election as the PDP constitution provided. And that was how Col. Ahmadu Ali emerged as the party national chairman, assisted by other non-elected officials. Lamentably, that was how the cancer of dictatorship destroyed internal democratic norms in the PDP.

In line with their sinister agenda to achieve power against the will of people, Professor Aminu and other Obasanjo’s Rottweilers carried out the policy of de-registration which was intended to frustrate Atiku Abubakar and other founding leaders out of the PDP. Unknown to many Nigerians then, the policy of de-registration was designed to crush potential opposition to Obasanjo’s tightly-guarded secret of third term ambition.


However, no evil can be buried underground for so long without coming to the surface. Despite previous denials, the third term agenda finally came to the surface with the shameful attempt to amend the Nigerian constitution exclusively designed to facilitate Obasanjo’s tenure extension ambition. Professor Aminu was shamelessly part of this grand but treacherous effort to assault our constitution for the sake of making Obasnjo a life President, despite the fact that he brought the greatest misery to the greatest number.

While several other Senators stood with Nigerians and the constitution, Professor Aminu unblushingly declared during a live debate on the issue that he was fully behind the constitutional amendment to give Obasanjo tenure extension. And his arguments in favour were not only flat but also ridiculously unconvincing. He said since his party supported the amendment, he was also behind it.

Does Professor Aminu have personal convictions or conscience? But could he have voted otherwise? Was he not one of the PDP leaders imposed by Obasanjo?  He was ready to go against the wishes of the Nigerians to gratify the maniacal ambition of Obasnajo to continue in office even as his tenure was limited by the constitution.

Because of these discredited antecedents, Professor Aminu is unhappy with the policy of reconciliation and returning the PDP to its original democratic vision by the Yar’Adua administration. Despite the fact that former President Obasanjo facilitated his coming to power, President Yar’Adua is strongly convinced that no sensible leader should retain the undemocratic PDP political structure put together by his predecessor.

Professor Aminu doesn’t like the recommendations of Dr. Alex Ekwueme committee on reconciliation and the need to restore the PDP to its original constitution as conceived by the founding fathers. The fear of becoming irrelevant under an atmosphere that allows internal democratic norms to flourish largely explains why Senator Jubril Aminu is against former Vice President Atiku Abubakar returning to the PDP, despite the fact the Turakin Adamawa has not decided as yet that he is rejoining his former party.

When he became jobless after concluding his Ambassadorial assignment to the United States, Professor Aminu had to go to Atiku Abubakar for political backing to achieve his Senatorial ambition. Once he found his way into the Senate, he forgot his benefactor and started kicking down the ladder; he shifted loyalty to Obasanjo’s side and openly abused the former Vice President. Ingratitude doesn’t belong to the virtues of elders and gentlemen. Professor Aminu should not have remained in the Senate if Nigeria is a country where ethics in public life matter.

In the words of the Roman philosopher, Lucius Seneca, “a dwarf remains small even if he stands on a mountain but the colossus maintains his height even if he stands in a well.” Therefore, politically, Professor Aminu cannot hold a candle to Atiku Abubakar. Although Prof. Aminu has repeatedly declared Atiku Abubakar politically “dead and buried,” it is curious why the former Vice President is still being blamed each time the PDP in Adamawa State runs into internal crisis, especially the recent impeachment move against Governor Murtala Nyako for corruption and mismanagement of public funds. The eyes of the Adamawa people are now opened and they are regretting the incompetent and corrupt leadership imposed on them by Professor Aminu. It remains to be seen how the persistent attacks on Atiku by Professor Aminu can bring down the stature of the former Vice President. Professor Aminu is motivated by malice and ungodly envy against Atiku; it is unfortunate that such Professor of cardiology, who was once a respected public figure, is now behaving like a giant with the mind of a child! All the Obasanjo men in the PDP, including Professor Aminu, are jittery about the new democratic order emerging in the PDP under the leadership of Chief Vincent Ogbulafor who is determined to dismantle the undemocratic structure imposed by former President Obasanjo. The badge of infamy brought on him by the Siemens bribery scandal is enough to make him keep his mouth shut.   



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