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Farida Waziri EFCC Undertaker? by Adekunle Theophilius



The incontrovertible truth is that Nuhu Ribadu  did his very best for Nigeria, whether we like it or not his records are there for all to
scrutinize and assess. His successor and her cohorts can neither legislate nor decree away his immeasurable achievements. Apart from the case of the ex governors that his detractors falsely claim were mostly Obasanjo's opponents, what about Tafa Balogun? what about the 419 practitioners?, what about Ade bendel, Emmanuel nwude, Fred Ajudua, Morris ibekwe and other scammers that EFCC under ribadu waged a relentless war against earning accolades from several countries and institutions?, please let us not be myopic, but rather dorn the garb of objectivity and refuse to wear the spectacles of prejudgment.
Corruption has assumed a hydra headed position in Nigeria and as such both judicial and extrajudicial means are required to curb and tackle it if necessary. The scenario resembles the current US war against terror and the fact that US has resorted to legal and illegal means because of the style and nature of the purported enemies. The attempts to vilify and paint Ribadu and EFCC in bad light smacks of deliberate mischief.  Agreed, Ribadu is only human and he is not perfect, but his positive deeds far outweigh his negative acts. In addition, he indubitably towers head and shoulders above his legion of traducers and  I believe EFCC under his leadership deserves commendations.


Ribadu’s EFCC set inimitable precedents in Nigeria that we need to build up on. That is why majorities of Nigerians are depressed about what is currently happening there now. We are witnessing an unprecedented dismembering and apoplexization of an agency that contributed immensely to the steady removal of the global perception of Nigeria as a country where crime and corruption are kings. I wonder why Mama farida is channeling and wasting her time and energies to crucifying her predecessor, while the crooks and looters are gallivanting about and even installing their sidekicks  in top positions in the Presidency.. If you were in the police/security circles you would be grief stricken at the antecedents of officers that have been deployed to EFCC. Well such anomalies can only happen in Nigeria !

Unfortunately, officers that did their best for the country under Ribadu are being victimized, it is too bad that all this has been sanctioned by mama farida and the police top hierachy!, there are ways of posting these officers without any accusations of bad belle cropping up. Look at the travails of Nwajah, Olorunyomi, Magu, Lamorde and a host of other officers and men previously working at EFCC?.In all honesty it smacks of vendetta! It is just punishment hatched by Mama farida and those corrupt governors led by Bukola Saraki and James Ibori two of the biggest looter governors this country have ever witnessed. But the truth is that Farida actually signed bail bond for Akume and no amount of obfuscation can hide that. All her spin doctors cannot remove that blot from her and the fact that she lied to Nigerians and the senate that she didnt. Unbelievably, Officer Magu has been in detention for close to one week at the Police Hqtrs in Abuja under some spurious accusations by Mama Farida of leaking the truth to the media.  
Forget about all these pseudo arraignments, Mama Farida lacks the tenacity, resolve, thoroughness and independence of Nuhu Ribadu. She has not matched Ribadu’s zeal, enthusiasm and passion. It would have been better for her if she had starting her leadership by showing Nigerians what she can do, instead of trying to erase ribadu’s legacies, seizing every forum to denigrate the man and victimizing and witchunting his perceived and imaginary loyalists. To me and probably other discernable Nigerians, she is no chairman, but an undertaker appointed to enervate and finally bury EFCC. Ribadu could not have recorded his modest achievements at EFCC without the calibre of people he surrounded himself with. Thus, with the opprobrious  officers around Mama Farida , Nigeria would continue to be an impedible and impenetrable fortress for corruption.
Mrs. Waziri has not matched Ribadu’s zeal and enthusiasm, her appearance and comportment does not cut ice with lots of Nigerians. She cuts the poise of a society lady, has the mien of a clothes merchant and in a crowd could easily pass. for a fashion designer. My candid advise to her is that she should sell herself and her programmes , she should leave Ribadu, Magu and Lamorde et al alone and face what she was appointed to do. I must express my pessimism that this lady would not be able to equal Ribadu’s sincere fervor and surpass his accomplishments. To make the prerequisite progress in the battle against corruption, we need more than the likes of mama farida, her band of conniving government officials  and array of thieving governor ( past and present) supporters.

By Adekunle Theophilius

Adekunle Theophilius, Social commentator, cvil rights and Good governance advocate is Abuja based.


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