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Nigeria And Democracy by Emmanuel Ukpe


Nigeria and Democracy

Nigeria is not quiet ready for the so called democracy…Nigeria of today would be best serve with a good military leadership/regime like we had in General Muhamadu Buhari and or similar to what Ghana had in President Jerry Rawlings.

Ninety-Seven percent of Nigerians lives in poverty and this trend will continue under the current system; therefore, we should rethink if following a Western system at this stage is best for the people of Nigeria. I think Nigeria problem with democracy is not a lack of good ideas or how to govern; rather it is a problem of lack of rule of law, lack of respect for other human persons, a system where everyone that has godfather survives and the rest goes to hell. A system where the poor gets poorer and no one cares; a system where all the past Presidents have oil blocks and most of them have never been to Bayelsa nor have an idea of Bayelsa geographical location; a system where a former speaker of the house allocated or used about 625 million naira to furnish her home.

By the way, it is important to point out that public school in the former speakers’ constituency lacks necessities such as chairs, desk, common boys/girls toilets, even doors and windows. A system where the common thieves are actually better than most elected officials; A system where a N500 thief is probably lynched to death and a senator that pockets N10 million naira left over government fund is embraced my her colleagues.


Nigeria embracing a democratic system is probably good for the country in the long-term; in the meantime, I think Nigeria should at least try to copy the good deeds of these developed democratic countries. Like good schools (schools buildings with windows, toilets, fans etc); good hospitals (good enough that the so-called governors can go there instead of flying overseas when sick); a government capable of protecting her citizens’ lives and properties.

I personally believe a developing Nigeria needs a system/presidency that can give development directives and such directives are implemented instead of been debated year round. A system that would help eradicates or at least minimizes extreme poverty and improves the quality of life of the people. To achieve these objectives, the elected officials should modify their self-centered behaviors and put Nigeria first. Better yet, maybe Nigeria should embrace General Muhamadu Buhari or the likenesses of Jerry Rawlings or people like me who simply wants to get things done and help fix the country at all cost.


Emmanuel Ukpe, Silver Spring, USA




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