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South Africa: Killing In Whatever Name! by Mike Onwukwe


South Africa: Killing in whatever Name!

Lucifer has escaped from hell and relocated to SA where he found marauding youths as willing accomplices. They created jobs for themselves and over night looters, killers and arsonists were asked to practice their expertise

Call it xenophobic killing or couch it under any new pseudonym, it does fly for me. It is nothing short of anti-immigrants violence. All of a sudden transit camps are springing up everywhere, people are on the move again not because of natural tragedy but because of artificial problems caused by lazy lot. New displacement and population comes with news security concerns. The desperation move will soon translate into regional problem. Many are happy to make it home alive but what of those left behind with stabs wounds end third degree burns. As if this problem is not enough, President Mbeki has jetted out to Japan. Have you ever heard of King Nero fleeing while Romeburnt?

Nigerians have been attacked in China, I/Coast, Libya, Nairobi, Ghana, Togo, etc while the embassy stand beside and watch. This problem will solve itself.

Killing fellow African migrant workers in their domain remains their right but I am yet to see how these will help them solve the myriad of their problems that range from HIV/ AIDA, urban crimes series, rape and defilement. Drunkenness is a national malady that has reached pandemic level. In SA, everyone lady is almost sure of being raped one day. It is a matter of time. Nobody dares stop at Traffic light at night for fear of being robbed. Have they solved all these problems before??

They are a bunch of jokers and lazy lot. Ever imagined a population whose working population drink and come back drunk next day to the office dozing and in stupor. They walk to the office with cans of beer in the morning, I witnessed in Congo DRC during their last election where IT people from SA were called in to help collate and post results. What can you make of a sleeping population if not killing people who have flourishing businesses? Every taxi driver is a hired killer with a pistol or combat knife inside his glove compartment. You dare not argue with a taxi driver over fares.

Back at home in those days, we contributed used clothes and shoes while sending South Africans to the university. Now it is pay back time and they are killing my people. S/African freedom fighters were given a sanctuary in Marogoro in Tanzania by Nyerere and other African nations. They were also in Zimbabwe, the good old Zimbabwe. Isn't it curios that SA has refused to do nothing ref Zimbabwe even though it is under their nose. Mbeki has said that there is no crisis, how come? Now they have resorted to killing Zimbabweans after Mbeki said there was no crisis. Why has the profane eloquence he exhibited in defending Mugabe eluded him on why SA authorities reacted too late and too slow? The FG should prepare a comprehensive list of damages and forward same to SA via External affairs or the Embassy for compensation because the personal security and protection of everyone lie squarely with host government, in this case S/Africa.

Let me warn. There are S/African businessmen and interests in Nigeria. We have *Shoprite* and *Vodacom*. They have also employed S/Africans in these places. These shops have not been looted nor torched. The S/Africans working in these places have not been dropped to the deepest part of the ocean from a helicopter with heavy stones around their neck. None has been clobbered to death with blunt objects or cudgels. Yet they are still there doing business, running hotels and electricity companies.


The anger brought home by fleeing migrants will be fully meted to these S/Africans and their businesses. Soon the requiem will be theirs. This is sure. Soon there will be another round of reprisal killings in Abuja, Lagos, Somalia, Malawi and Mozambique and so on. But how can a people who open businesses and run shops be accused of snatching indigenous jobs? On the contrary, these small outlets provide jibs only that they are too lazy and proud to work. And they point to taxi and small businesses. How?

Why has it taken three weeks to make comments as feeble as they were? The call by Mbeki is too little and too late and has no weight. Killings are going on in Johannesburg, Capetown, Durban and Pretoria. Soon it will engulf the whole of SA. A government spokesman has put has put the death at 56 people while admitting that more than 650 injured. Previously, 50 deaths were reported. But we all know that this is grossly under estimated and that about 30,000 had been displaced or forced from their homes. Pregnant women among the migrants who ran to police stations are delivering premature babies.

A country has 30 per cent unemployment rate, yet this is a country that will host the World Cup come 2010. There was news blackout from major S/African media outlets. When you tune SABCnews, you get the feeling that all is well because they are busy showing *Generations *or *Isidingo*.

AU is still deep in their slumber, snoring and would probably act when things pan out because they want to be on the side of the winner. Only President Mwanawasa of Zambia is the only lone voice in the desert condemning what is happening in Zimbabwe.

Black man's hostility, rejection and hatred to fellow black have peaked in S/Africa. The hate in S/Africa even among same tribe is something else. Whatever Mandela has built over the years, he has destroyed in a short time. We have saved SA from apartheid. Now who will save S/Africa from Mbeki?

By: Mike Onwukwe

Onwukwe works with a global body is based in Arusha Tanzania.

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