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The President The World Needs by Abdul hafiz Musa Abdullah



A few days ago while sitting alone after a long day at school, thinking of how to get my mind off the academic stress and routine, I came across an article on Barack Hussein Obama, the democratic candidate for the President of the “united” states of America, the article was about his vision for a new United State of America (my emphasis on United). Originally I had wanted to write an article on President Umar Musa Yar’adua and the burdens of his “legitimate” government. It would have basically been an article attacking the government of President Yar’adua concerning issues on the war against corruption and electoral fraud. I had planned to write it in an interesting way, but at some point I felt it was rather too negative and harsh, maybe because of my frustration on how corruption still pays in Nigeria and how glorified corrupt individuals are in the country. Well for now I have decided to look into the bigger picture, to write something about the next world “leader” which normally should not be of much concern to me. By the way who says the world needs a president anyway? Notwithstanding, I might still go back to continue with my article on President Yar’adua’s administration.

Many people are likely to disagree with me on the choice and content of this article for different reasons and of course for genuine reasons in most cases but because of the increasing influence and power of the US government in the day to day affairs of the rest of us (I mean the rest of the world), I think we will only be doing justice to ourselves if we put some interest in who becomes the next president of the United States of America.  For obvious reasons, the race to the white house is more interesting and entertaining this time around. More and more Americans are beginning to put in some interest in politics and more people from the outside world are watching with keen interest.  With the way things have been over the last 8years of President Bush administration, politics in Washington is no more left in the hands of politicians, people now seem to be calling for a change, the world is shouting for a change too at least the Iraqis will tell you that.

This is because, whoever is likely to be the next US president and by extension the next Chief inspector general of the world
will have to be a better and more articulate person than George Bush. A lot of people will agree with me that today Washington has become the world’s police station and the inhabitant of the white house is the World’s inspector general of Police. Forget about the economic crises in American today and the fall in the value of the US currency, the bitter fact still remains that, America controls either directly or indirectly 40 percent of the World. At least that is how it seems to be. Well for those who are just awake to current affairs, the battle for the white house has now been narrowed down to Senator Hilary Clinton, Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain. Hilary Clinton obviously does not need much introduction; at least the name Clinton should give most people a hint, yes! She is the former first lady. John McCain is one person I honestly see as possibly becoming the next president because I see he has what it takes (hold your horses, do not throw away the article, I will justify my claims). Certainly it would be a living nightmare to have a John McCain as the next US president but I definitely see the possibility, well this is simply because I see the guy as being shrewd, even mean, enough to take over the reins where George W. Bush will leave off, you can tell from his face that he will be another war president, partly due to his long and extensive career in the military and his ultrances and that is exactly what the cooperate lobbyist want.

War means money to them, and peace is certainly a threat to their investments. However, Barack Obama is a candidate I so much admire; I will be very economical with the truth if I say that I would not want to be a politician like him. He certainly is everything he is said to be; smart, articulate, inspiring, appealing, energetic and very determined to the course he believes in. He is also a tough and focus candidate as he puts it in his own words: “I try to explain to people that I may be skinny, but I am tough”.  Obama’s appearance in his many elections campaigns around the US has been exciting and mind-blowing. Even his most dedicated critics agree that the guy is smart and articulate, he certainly represent the modern leader, well dressed in his suits, tall and handsome like a Hollywood star; the manner and confidence he exhibits in his speech is well collected and articulate. Even under intense pressure, his arcane sense of humour shows through the crowd like a bright new star that he is. Yet as perfect as Obama seems, he is not the likely person I see clinching victory come November this year, certainly not because he is black, perhaps because of his determination to bring about "CHANGE".


Change is one thing most people are scared of, even your average Joe is scared of change because of the uncertainties of what it might bring about, most especially when change is not being specified rather generalised. If it where my choice to decide who the next “world leader” should be, I would certainly go for an Obama atleast with the hope that things will not be the same as they
currently are.

The big question now is what kind of a president does “the world” needs? Definitely someone smart and intelligent (as we have seen what daft and dull leaders can do), excellent speeches, a good and clean heart, and an innocent personality would be just enough, an articulate mind would certainly be an icing to the cake. For the benefit of doubt, this is the type of leader "the world needs". Forget about skin pigmentation or historic background, Barack Obama is the man we need. And oh I wish we could get our way this time around! Unfortunately, the factors and players in the American politics do not consider any of this. For those that think political mafias and barons only exist in third world countries would have to explain how a father made up his mind to install his partially retarded son as a president of the country regarded as “mother of democracy” so as to create and continue the Bush dynasty. Of course we now know how easy it is to rally the corporate America behind a project Bush. Or if you are in doubt, then look into the strategy adopted by the Bush administration bring fear and terror unto the doorstep of each and every American for the sake of a second term? In fact these people are so powerful that getting a third term through a McCain or even Hilary Clinton would simply be a fiat acompli. A sealed deal waiting to be delivered, but some people will still argue that America is going through an Economic crisis where thousands of people are losing jobs and industries closing up, and thus Americans are up and ready for a change. Well the theoretical and real factors/issues that would then determine who Americans will vote for in November are the failing economy, the strengthening of America’s position as the World’s military and political power, the war in Iraq, and of course the war on terror among others.

Certainly with these factors on ground, the US does not need a Mr. Nice guy; it certainly does not need a Mr. Harvard either. What it need is a cunning and shrewd president, a president that will look into our faces and lie without even noticing our existence. A president that will be cunning and smart (not book smart) enough to convince the world that he/she is a god sent angel sent from heaven to save the world from“terrorist”, while carrying out the most evil and inhumane jobs that will be required for the cooperate America to regain its lost territories, dominate the world and bring about a new world order! America will “need” a president that will continue the war on terror, either in the same manner George Bush has carried his, or in a more intelligent and cunning manner, while parading him/herself as a vanguard for peace and unity. American “needs” a president that will understand the need for America to rein supreme in world politics, and to bring about A NEW WORLD ORDER! In all this, I see Hilary Clinton or John McCain to be the next president but certainly not Barack Hussein Obama, our choice!

By: Abdul hafiz Musa Abdullah

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