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PDP And Nigeria's Babacracy by David Okey


PDP And Nigeria's Babacracy

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is at the verge of redefining the concept of democracy. The foolish Oyibo man's definition of democracy as the government of the people, by the people, and for the people, is long over due for a revolutionary reform. In these times of reform, we are happy to announce to the world that Nigeria will, as usual, blaze the trial. We have the capacity and the talent to reinvent democracy in our own image. The on-going congresses by the world's largest political party are the beginning of a journey that would change the course of history, as far as democracy is concerned.

You know, last week, we started our introductory treatise into the saga of this Animal called man. This is just a sequel. As would have been clear by now, there is a ringing death toll on people-power. The failed slogan of PDP assumes that power belongs to the people. But eight years of Babacracy have proved otherwise. We have proved that power belongs to Baba and his few henchmen. Whenever President Yar'Adua talks about due process and rule of law, I laugh till I roll on the ground. You can hardly give what you don't have. He was a product of the most wonderfully depraved processes ever introduced by man. It would amount to condemnable ingratitude if you throw overboard the ladder you climbed the ship on, just because you want a change. That I am sure is the dilemma of our President.


Nobody will quarrel with the assertion that Olusegun Obasanjo is the father of modern Nigeria. If you take a good look at the PDP ward congress in your own ward, you will agree with me that this father really bequeathed a lasting legacy that would take a Jerry Rawlings-kind of revolution to change. From Uyo to Yobe, from Oron to Ore; from Ukanafun to Kafanchan; from Eket to Ekiti, the story is the same. It was a Babacratic selection process that happily left the people gasping for breath at what hit them. In some states, delegates were simply and rightfully selected by whatever authority in place. Those lucky '25' from each ward were usually schooled on what to do at the LGA congress. It was a brazenly guided process that you had no choice of your own. Who says we don't have so much to teach the rest of the world?

We are teaching the world that the beauty of democracy is in a few people determining the fate of the greater majority of the people. Who says few heads, whether good or bad, are not better than the heads of all other hungry, angry and frustrated citizens. While the likes of Obama, McCain and even Hillary Clinton are busy foolishly going from house to house, village to village, clan to clan asking for the support of delegates, we would have under a few minutes sat down over some choice beer and happily selected a “suitable” person, even somebody who has not indicated any interest in the job. That is the handsomeness of Babacracy. If you are in doubt, why we still rely on affirmation, instead of allowing “delegates” the chance to freely vote, then you have a coconut head. Have you forgotten so soon that the military, sorry, the executive governors we have all over Nigeria are those personally sanctioned by OBJ, Ahmadu Ali and Ojo Maduekwe. If you expect anything different from what is currently going on, then you are a candidate for Aro mental home. You cannot give what you don't have. If you sprout from yam and produce potato, then you are truly food for the devil.

These governors are products of Babacracy; therefore the only concept they know is the concept of military imposition. No more, no less. If you don't agree, hit your head on the nearest concrete. If you survive, then you will begin to understand that under Babacracy, the party is safely tucked into the large pockets of Baba OBJ's Agbada. If you are still not convinced, think of the founding fathers of PDP like Ekwueme, the Late Sunday Awoniyi, Abubabar Rimi, and many others. If you are still a daft by now, then try to remember PDP national chairmen like Solomon Lar, Barnabas Gemade, and Audu Ogbe; think of what happened to them, and then you know that the emperor was truly in charge. Mind you, absolute power is a sweet smelling intoxicant. A dose is good for every man!

If you are still expecting me to comment on the likely outcome of the national convention, I would, but that suggests that you have refused to follow the trend. In any case, we already have a National Chairman. He is no other than Dr. Sam Ominyi Egwu. He is one of Baba's loyalists that the old man is prepared to dance naked on a party rally podium, like King David, to introduce and make us to accept. There are over one hundred and fifty reasons why Egwu is the most suitable, but a few will surface here. He was the South-East Governor, who, as the South-East Governor's forum Chairman, canvassed for an Igbo Presidency. When the Senate Committee on the amendment of the constitution visited his state, he led the other governors of the zone, including the discredited Joe Irukwu-led Ohaneze to chorus for Baba to rule forever. Egwu was also one of the Governors who wanted to be President. You know politicians; they always take themselves very seriously. When Baba Sneezed, he Froze. While the likes of Attah and Odili were still arguing, Egwu had already accepted to coordinate Yar'Adua's campaign in the South East. Since we are looking for yes-men who cannot look twice at the fearsome face of the BOT Chairman, Egwu fits the bill perfectly. If we are looking for men who would betray their people's interest at the drop of a powerful hat, Egwu qualifies absolutely. If we are looking for men, and I am sure we are, who would ensure that Babacracy of the last eight years is sustained and improved upon, then we need not search further. Most importantly, if we are looking for men who would get the support of all Babacracy-evolved Governors and the muted delegates in their pockets, then our man is Dr. Sam Egwu.


When we hear of reforms, especially electoral reforms, we become fidgety. The only answer to all our prayers, that our beloved Babacracy of the Almadu Ali cash and carry primary elections era be sustained, is Dr. Egwu. He has been properly schooled in the intrigues of fiat and order. The likes of Senator Anyim, with all his foolish talk about internal democracy in the party and Senator Ken Nnamani and his G21's desire for constitutional amendments to ensure the liberalization of the party are simply wasting their time. We have already rejected them. How would our beloved Governors get a second term if there is internal democracy? How would they successfully whip all the people into one single dumb and deaf line? How would they continue to enjoy the sweet music from the thousands of sycophants playing on the symphony of praise and adoration? How would our little gods in the states be able to stash their own billions abroad and help girl friends and concubines become richer than the state they govern? We just have to throw our lot on Egwu and Obasanjo and continue the way we are. We are like the pigs inside the mud, and so happy about it! Long live PDP; long live Babacracy! Please carry go!


By: David Okey


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