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There Is Justice Of The Court; And Justice Of Posterity by Abdallah Shaibu


There is Justice of the Court; and Justice of Posterity

 As the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal delivered its judgment on Tuesday February 26, 2008, one thing that stuck to my mind in those four long hours is: can these justices look at tomorrow in the face and declare that they have done the right thing?

 Chief Ahamba, Counsel to General Muhammadu Buhari captured the essence of the day when he told the court after the judgment that “conscience is a bag that everybody carries his own”.

If only it were allowed, we would have asked the judges where they voted in the day of the presidential election and how the election was conducted in their locality.


However, the judges insisted that their judgment should be based on the evidence put before them by the petitioners and lawyers to INEC and Yar’Adua also made a fetish of this.

 Since our judges are from the moon and did not see any evil on the Election Day, the people of Nigeria leave them to their conscience, if they have any.

 It is important to remind them and lawyers to INEC and President Yar’Adua however, that their concurrence on the charade called April elections will determine the fate of electoral politics in Nigeria for a long time to come, especially if it receives the seal of the Supreme Court or if General Buhari and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar succumbs to the campaign on them not to appeal the controversial judgment.

 The court has givenINEC a blank cheque on the administration of election so such that by 2011, INEC may give us toilet papers as ballot papers and no court will fault election on that ground. Next time, INEC can exclude a candidate until 24 hours to the election and as long as his name is printed on a fake ballot paper, he will be deemed as having contested the elections. This judgment will guide elections that all family members and lawyers may decide to contest in the future.

 However, as Abubakar Rimi said on his conviction for corruption in 1985,“there is the justice of the court and there is the justice of posterity. What we had on Tuesday was justice of the court designed to please PDP, INEC and their lawyers. The judgment of posterity will come on every body at God’s own time and in that, even the justices of the court will stand in the dock!

 Muhammadu Sambo,
 Sabon Gari,


By: Abdallah Shaibu



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