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Saraki's Squandermania by Adekunle Theophilius



The essence of governance and democracy is meeting the needs of the populace by rendering selfless service and delivering democratic dividends. The impact of government is validated by the quality and standard of living of people, existence of basic and affordable infrastructures and schemes and putting measures are put in place to improve the lives of people through accessible amenities and opportunities. Governments are expected to place premium attention on the welfare and wellbeing of citizens.


However, kwara state offers an irrational, illogical and depressing prospect. If the above prerequisites are deployed to determine the existence of government, I doubt if we have one in kwara state. Kwara state has witnessed since 2003 is not government, but squandermania and mismanagement of scarce resources by a regime adept at epicurean pursuits preponderated by a band of marauders and pillagers. One is shocked at the callous manner, money is flittered and looted under several schemes to the detriment of the indigenes and treasury in a state described as one of the poorest in the North central. There is nothing like selfless service on the agenda of people in government, all actions, programme and policies are motivated by the desire to fleece the state.

 It is only in kwara state that there is no pipeborne water, but the state government spends millions of naira monthly on water purposely to wet the bizarrely numerous flowers and trees planted on the road. While workers are being paid fake minimum wage laced with heavy deductions, our governor is buying Volvo limousines with Toyota Hilux pickups for traditional rulers. To make matters worse, 2007 Toyota Camry cars worth millions of naira were given to members of the state house of rubberstamps and local government ‘sharemen”. All these happening in a state that is an imperdible fortress for poverty. We have seen various fruitless foreign trips and purchased awards which have served as avenues to defraud the state.

 With the grandiose filchering going on in kwara, one hopes the state will not end up like Societe Generale Bank!. Substandard services by government are prevalent and pervasive throughout the state, while kwarans have become slaves groaning heavily under the yoke of a thoroughly inept, rudderless and corrupt regime. Only God know who will save us or when this slavery will end?




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