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Should Maurice Iwu Be Trusted Another Election? by Okechukwu Angus


Should Maurice Iwu be trusted with another election?

 INEC failed this nation more than any other electoral body has ever failed us. In short, INEC added another negative accolade to our full load of negativities. Nigeria has become a reference point as the country that organized the worst election in Africa. That is the best Professor Maurice Iwu cum INEC can do for this nation. No wahala.

 I may not be verse in our electoral laws but common sense dictates that if you have been accused of being a biased umpire, you should give way to allow for a free competition. This is logical enough. And this explains why there are calls from every strata of the society on Maurice Iwu to step aside to allow for decent elections to be held. From Arch Bishop Onaikan to Lateef Adegbite the music is the same, Iwu must go.


To compound matters, Maurice Iwu is unrepentant. He could not comprehend the damage he caused to the growth of our democracy. He still believes that he is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. Or what can one say of someone that believes his junk election is better than the 1993 presidential elections? Is there any basis for comparison between the two elections? One was adjudged free and fair even though it was disrupted midway. The other was adjudged the worst election in our history. The best comparison is that Maurice Iwu’s election is to Humphrey Nwosu’s election what hell is to heaven.

 The renewed image laundering embarked upon by Maurice and INEC can not and will not change what we know. The Sun Newspaper which has been at the vanguard of such image laundering is fast losing popularity among its teeming readers. The respect the paper commands months ago is being washed down the drain just because they chose to compromise on integrity. Anyway, that is by the way.

 The question of whether Maurice Iwu be allowed to supervise another round of elections becomes imperative due to the spate of election nullifications across the country. Each time an election is nullified, INEC is always a culprit and the tribunals do not always shield INEC from being lampooned.

 A popular adage says, ‘Once beaten twice shy’. Have we not learnt enough lessons from Maurice Iwu? Are we prepared to take the risk of allowing him conduct another round of elections? Some argued that he should be given a second chance. What second chance if I may ask? You only give second chance to someone that has failed at first attempt, and not only that but acknowledges that he has failed. Up to this moment, Maurice Iwu has never agreed that he failed. He was even reported to have said if given the chance he will do it again. So what are we talking about?

 The only reason why Maurice Iwu is still parading himself as INEC boss is that Nigeria is not a decent society. Otherwise, he would have thrown in the towel. Take the case of Berti Vogts, coach of our national team. He failed the nation and he has decided to quit instead of hanging on and playing pranks. Vogts would be more respected than when he decides to stay on.

 The other possible reason why Maurice is still hanging on is that he might just be kept to do what he knows best i.e. wizard at rigging of elections. His services are still needed in the nearest future. Please let someone prove me wrong.

 By Okechukwu Angus

Okechukwu Angus writes from Department of Political Science, University
of Abuja.



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