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Ibori: Otomiewo's Call For Due Process by Barrister Atake Mukoro



Mr. Otomiewo, you are wrong. The (Urhobo Progress Union) of which you recently emerged as Secretary was founded in the early thirties, to rid Urhobo of “Wayo” leaders and thieving miscreants. We cannot, seventy years later, return to a leadership of doubtful integrity. Your unfortunate defense of Ibori on Friday 14 th December, in The Nation, is pathetic, to say the least.

The past governor of Delta State has just been arraigned before the court for stealing well over N9.1 billion of public funds, looted while in office. He is also in court in Britain for stealing well over Twenty Million pounds sterling. God knows what else he has stolen and kept in the United States of America, not to mention the republic of South Africa where he has considerable interests. For such a monumental thief, your defense is that we must forgive him, if he apologises is rank claptrap. Forgiveness must be preceded by restitution. The millions of poor Deltans, that he further impoverished, are crying out for justice. You did not address the malfeasance of Ibori, but merely called on Urhbobos to forbear the thief!

The argument is that other tribes did the same for IBB, Abacha and even Goodluck Jonathan. None of these leaders, as far as I can remember, where arraigned before a Court of Law for stealing. Be that as it may, the notion, that Urbobo’s should not jubilate over the arrest of a thief, merely because that thief is an Urhobo man, is ethnic hogwash. You may argue here, and I will agree, that Ibori has yet to be tried, let alone convicted. But in the People’s Court, Deltans know the truth. Delta State witnessed the pretentious flamboyance, with which members of the previous administration held Court in their respective local governments.

I remember attending a civil reception in Ethiope East for a government appointee. His entire clan was fully represented, and as were Ibori’s administration, and the hierarchy of the PDP (People’s Democratic Party). The festival began in earnest and everyone was enjoying the occasion. The musicians performed “par excellence” and more captivating was the performance of the professional female dancers that accompanied the band. Particularly enchanting was the rhythmic gyration of the lead dancer’s backside!


We all watched with fascination, as the PDP celebrant rose to his feet and proceeded to “Spray” the alluring dancer with, believe it or not, N250,000! True, her resplendent sexuality would taunt any man, but at what cost! Only in a PDP occasion will a quarter of a million naira be “sprayed” with reckless abandon! In a local government there practically all the youths are jobless and starving, it is un-Godly to gratify a mere sexual urge at such expense! Needless to say l got up and walked out, for such offence on my sensibilities may provoke a violent reaction. Such irresponsible profligacy emanates only from stolen funds.

Urhobos await with singular joy, the incarceration of Ibori, who after stealing to his heart content, imposed his cousin as governor to cover his trail. We do not know yet if the stealing “spree” will continue under the family dynasty! The Federal government need not beef up security anywhere in the state, for no one is going to fight, nor cause disturbance for Ibori’s arrest. On the contrary, Deltans are agog with joy, except of course his “companion Iooters” and tired praise singers.

Deltans are well aware that his entire loot may never be fully recovered. But at least, his claim to Urhobo political leadership together with his contrived Urhobo Political Front (UPF) has finally come to grief!

Never again will the so called UPF fool Urhobos to the subservience of Ibori and Amori!

Never again will the Urhobos accept leaders whose antecedents are not known; no matter how much money they appear to control.

That was the mistake of 1999, when the then UPU leadership accepted without authentication, the roots of an unknown “nouveau riche” from Oghara. The result was that they foisted unto the Urhobo nation an ex-convict, of doubtful identity, who today is an absolute disgrace to the Urhobo nation!

Past leaders like Chief Mukoro Mowoe, Chief Jeretin Marienre and the indomitable Chief Adogbeji Salubi will turn in their graves at Urhobo fortunes, these past eight years!

To argue that Ibori is “the only hope of the Urhobos in the national political arena” is arrant nonsense. I do hope Mr. Otomiewo is expressing his private opinion. In fact the recent election of Chief Felix Ibru promises a new principled leadership, which can get for Urhobo whatever is deservedly ours. Like in 1934, at the birth of the UPU, the Urhobos rose as one to condemn “Wayo” and “Panya”!. So be it now.

Please read attached documents below:

Barrister Atake Mukoro

“lyonta Chambers”

No, l4 Afisere Road,


Delta State


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