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Obasanjo Is Most Qualified For EFCC Job by Olufemi Oluwole



The brouhaha generated by the exit of the former chairman of the EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu is a confirmation of the relevance of the commission. Whether for good or bad, the EFCC has been able to prove that corruption lives next door.

Although one of Ribadu’s henchmen, Ibrahim Lamorde had since taken over the mantle from his boss, the Yar’Adua should have considered one of these three who are most qualified; former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Retired Police IG Tafa Balogun or former Bayelsa State Governor, Depreiye Alameiyeseigha.


Indeed, the former president is the most qualified to take over the reins of the EFCC from his boy, Nuhu Ribadu. This is because the EFCC was the brain child of Obasanjo. He knew why he established the commission (even if it was to hound his perceived enemies).

Some people will argue that at Baba’s level, such position like that of the EFCC helmsman should not excite him. I disagree with this for three reasons. It was alleged that former President Shehu Shagari wanted to become a local government councillor sometime in the late 80’s during Babangida’s ill-fated transition programme. He was said to have told the press that he would not mind offering his services at any level to the Shagari community in Sokoto.

Secondly, Baba has enemies. His enemies are still all out for his jugular. Remember that when Obasanjo held sway for eight years, he took on everybody. He turned against his best friends. He had the self-ego that he was a demy god and plunged headlong into many battles. The likes of General TY Danjuma and Anthony Anenih who were his closest allies are now atop the ever growing list of his sworn enemies. Only Obasanjo can face someone like Anenih and tell him to ‘vomit’ the money he ‘chop’ as Minister of Works since the road network became worse under him.

His adopted son, former FCT Minister, Mallam El Rufai has been accused in some dirty land deals. Only Baba can ‘punish’ him. The likes of Odili, Ibori and Igbinedion who have serious cases pending at the office of the EFCC can be rest assured of a speedy trial if Baba takes over. Obasanjo was aware of some of the shady deals that went on under him and he can easily probe them – if he so decides.

Lastly, he needs to cover his rackets. His name has been mentioned in several business deals that went on under him, especially the privatization of public properties. His daughter, a distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic, is currently enmeshed in a contract scandal and who else can protect her than her father?


Even some of Obasanjo’s boys, including Oyo State Governor, Adebayo Alao-Akala have called on the Federal Government to probe Obasanjo. Yar’ Adua should simply give the job to Baba.


If Obasanjo rejects the job, then the next most qualified person is the robust former Inspector General of Police, Tafa Balogun. He is a graduate of Obasanjo’s school of reasoning, having attained the highest level on the job under Obasanjo. This man knows all the criminals like the palm of his hand having been a convict himself. He was made to socialize with hardened criminals after it was discovered that he spearheaded the looting of funds belonging to the police.

When Tafa was IG, he introduced his eight-point crime control strategy which he never followed himself. He waged war against his boys who stand by the road extorting N20 from motorists. Yet he was said to have extorted billions of naira from politicians to assist in rigging the 2003 elections.

Tafa knows all the dirty politicians that gave him illicit money. He knows all the criminals too. After all, he was said to have shielded some of them, including notorious fraudsters Ade Bendel and Emma Nwude, from the law. Beside is in a better position to expose Ribadu’s dirty deals too.


Deprieye Alameiyeseigha can also boast of a background in the military force. He was also a politician who stuffed so much public fund in his stomach that he had to go to Spain for a cosmetic surgery to reduce his bulging stomach. He was lucky to have escaped British police who laid siege for him for money laundering. He was said to have laundered over 1.8m British pounds in the UK alone from what he allegedly stole from Bayelsa State coffers.

Alams was sad to have boasted after his arrest by the EFCC and prosecution claimed that he would have fought to the commission to a stand still but for his ill-health and age.


This is my submission to President Yar’ Adua for consideration. Or you think any of these three can not surpass Nuhu Ribadu?


By Olufemi Oluwole


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