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Jibrin Aminu And The Issue Of SIEMENS Bribe Scandal by Alhaji Usman



There is a saying in the hausa language that, says"wanda be ji bari ba baya ji gani ba" literally means, that who ever didn't hear must surely see. This is the kind of situation that, Professor Jibrin Aminu find himself with the latest revelations by the German based telecommunication company SIEMENS that it bribed some top ranking government officials and some people, who can easily influenced the company to get lucrative telecommunications project in Nigeria.

Among these group of Nigerians, that the company bribed is a one-time Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria now, a Senator representing Adamawa Central Senatorial Zone in the upper chamber of the National Assembly Professor Jibrin Aminu.
Professor Jibrin Aminu is an esteemed citizen of Nigeria and an indigene of Adamawa State no doubt about that. During his active years, he has a flourishing career as Executive Secretary National Universities Commission, Vice Chancellor of the University of Maiduguri and later Minister in two ministries of Petroluem and Education during the military era of Gen. Ibrahim Babangida.
Rather that Professor adopt a siddon look attitude and supplicate to his creator for the ample opportunity, he gave him, the man because of his insatiable appetite for greed ventured into the murky waters of politics in the 90's and form a political association (CNC).

When the then Head of State, Gen. Abdulsalam Abubakar wants to hand over the reigns of governance and called on the politicians to formed political parties, Professor Jibrin Aminu fused his political organisation with the G35 which was made up of seasoned politicians, that this country is proud of to formed what was today known as the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP).
After, the execution of the 1999 election of which it shows the PDP victorious at the poll, Professor Jibrin Aminu was compensated for the role, he played towards the success of the party with an Ambassadorial appointment as the Nigerian Ambassador to the United States of America with the support of the then, Vice-President Atiku Abubakar.
Infact, it is worth revealing in this piece, on how the then Vice-President Atiku compelled Hajiya Fati Sa'ad Abubakar the first female Permanent Secretary in Gongola later Adamawa State to step for Professor Jibrin Aminu for the Central Senatorial Zone for the 2003 election into the Senate. This woman of substance obliged her political mentor.

If not, for the political dexterity of the then Vice-President Atiku, Professor Jibrin Aminu could not have made it to the Senate. All these was done, in order for Professor Jibrin Aminu get something doing after he was removed by the then President Obasanjo as the Nigeria Ambassador to the United States.

Professor Jibrin Aminu always had the pretension that he is a saint and not a sinner untill the recent revelations by the telecommunication company that, a lot of come to the realization that Professor Jibrin is one of the bad leaders that this country had.

Imagine somebody in the age of mid seventies still mingling in the murky waters of politics rather than playing the role of an elder, who can be consulted for possible advices in order to guide the younger politicians.


Professor Jibrin Aminu had to fall into this kind of mess because of the role he always play in trying to see the down fall of someone. In spite, of the role the former Vice-President Atiku towards the emergence of Prof. Jibrin Aminu, the greatest foe of Atiku now is Jibrin Aminu.

He is also an unforgettable human being, that no matter what someone has done to him, Professor Jibrin would avenge once he gets the slightest opportunity to do so. He does not have the spirit of forgiveness in him.

The bribe scandal of Siemens that Professor Jibrin find himself has eroded the confidence, the vast majority of people have on him as an incorruptible person. People now had the solid confidence that Professor Jibrin is one of the bad leaders that this country had and has soiled his hands in a lot of deals in the Petroleum and Education ministries that, he hold the portfolio as Minister.

The thinking in some quarters right now, is that Professor Jibrin Aminu conscripted Admiral Nyako to be the Governor of Adamawa State in order to milked the state dry as they are doing now. Respite would soon to the people of Adamawa State through the judiciary that are alive to their responsibilities these days.

Professor Jibrin Aminu has a moral burden on himself to proved that he is not one of the beneficiary of the Siemens bribe scandal. The question, people are asking especially in Adamawa State is as a result of a recent jingle being aired on the local television station showing Professor Jibrin Aminu casting aspersion on Alhaji Ibrahim Bapetel the AC gubernatorial candidate. But, like a twist, the AC candidate was cleared by the Fed. High Court of any wrong doing based on the appeal made by EFCC  on the earlier judgment delivered by the Court exonerating Alhaji Ibrahim and the Court ordered for returned of all his vehicles confiscated by the EFCC. His arrest is all the political manipulation deployed by Professor Jibrin as the link man and errand boy of the former President Obasanjo.

The days is seems is dooming for Professor Jibrin Aminu. The President Umaru Yar'adua needs to be commended by the action(s) he has so far taken by ordering for full scale investigation into the bribe scandal and says that any culprit found would not be spare no matter, how highly placed he or she may be.

This type of monumental bribe is quite dented the image of Nigeria and Nigerians in the eyes of the world.






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