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Date Published: 03/18/10




No 78b, Nkwot Etop Street, Ikono LGA

In recent times, Senator John J. Akpanudoedehe, in a bid to advance his gubernatorial aspirations, has embarked on campaigns of calumny and outright falsehood targeted at discrediting the government of the day led by His Excellency, Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio.  There is virtually nothing he has not accused the government of corruption, cultism, etc.  The media, both print and electronic, are inundated with these spurious allegations and accusations.  Even the internet is not spared by Senator Udoedehe in the dissemination of these falsehoods.

The question on the lips of every mature and discerning mind in Akwa Ibom State are:  Why is Senator Akpaudoedehe turning against the government he was privileged to serve as the Chairman of Campaign Organization and later    benefited from as the Hon. Minister of State – FCT?  Is he really innocent of the very things he is accusing the government of?  In short, is Senator John J. Akpanudoedehe a saint?

As the Chairman of Governor Akpabio’s Campaign Organization in 2006, Senator John Akpanudoedehe collected so much money from many people promising them relevance in the emerging government. Worthy of mention is one Mr. Nsikak Ben, who works with the Presidency.  He collected millions of naira from him promising to make him the Accountant General of the State.  At present, the said Mr. Ben is the Chief Accountant attached to the Niger Delta Monitoring Team in the Presidency.  Another person worthy of mention is one Mr. Okon Amasi from whom the Senator collected hundreds of thousand of Dollars promising to make him the Commissioner for Finance.  When he (Senator) could not deliver due to much pressure from the said Mr. Amasi, the Senator secured a Board appointment for him in the Federal Capital Territory (F.C.T.).

On cultism, it is worthy of note that Senator Akpanudopedehe, as a teenager in secondary school, Holy Trinity College (HOTRICO) Mbiakong was expelled from school due to his dirty and notorious cult activities.  The notoriety affected his admission into any higher institution to the extent that he would not gain admission into the University through the normal process, thus resorting to the Mature Student Progam (MSP) of the University of Uyo at over 35 years of age, after many years of failed attempts to gain admission.

Furthermore, it is on record that Senator Akpanudoedehe’s key aides are members of secret cults.  These include; Hon. Effiom Ita Okon a.k.a. Current, Senior Special Assistant to the Senator who is a Senior member of Ku Klux Klan (KKK), Hon. Kubra Uyah, Personal Assistant to the Senator who is member of Buccaneer Confraternity, Mr. Nkaimaha Ata Udo, Personal Assistant to the Senator is the Capone of the Mafia Confraternity, Hon. Emmanuel Andy, Personal Assistant, General Duties to the Senator, member of the Pyrates Confraternity and Mr. Samuel Efiok, the Senator’s Chairmanship Candidate of Uyo LGA in the last Local government elections and his first nominee for Commissioner from Uyo is a well known member of the Pyrates Confraternity.

It is worthy of mention that Mr. Joseph James Akpanudoedehe, the Senator’s blood brother, was a known Executioner in the Vikings Confraternity in the University of Uyo.  The young man was involved in several cult activities, killings and was arrested and detained.  The elder brother, the Senator, used his connections and resources to secure his release, after which he (Senator) sent him to Hungary to acquire more training and experience in killings.  Now the young man is back to head the Satanic killing Squad for the brother’s (Senator) Gubernatorial ambition.

Therefore, he who lives in a glass house should not throw stone.

On Rituals, Senator Akpanudoedehe is known ritualism.  There is no core member of Udoedehe’s team today that never took path passed through one ritual or the other.  One ritual that is worthy of mention is the one that took place at Ibesikpo in one Elder Emmanuel Udo a.k.a. Mmandu’s compound, where everybody has to pass through fire naked.  Sen. Udoedehe himself had to squat naked warming his manhood before fire to swear to meet the group’s expectations.  It is not surprising therefore that it is the same Elder Emmanuel Udo a.k.a. Mmandu that is the Chairman of Senator Udoedehe’s Positive Change Campaign Organization.  So Senator Akpanudoedehe is not a saint.

On the issue of corrupt practices which Senator makes so much noise, is he really innocent?

As the Chairman of Uyo LGA in 1996, it is on record that all Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) were paid to him in his house.  This prompted a probe of that administration by the then Military Administrator of the State, Navy Captain Joseph Adeusi.  At the Panel, one Hon. Tony Asikpo, a revenue contractor then openly confessed of making payments to him.  It is a fact in Uyo LGA that up till today, the Senator has neither forgotten or forgiven Hon. Asikpo for testifying against his (Senator) corrupt practices.   In fact the two are sworn enemies politically.

Again as a Senator of the federal Republic and member Senate Committee on FCT, Senator Akpanudoedehe allotted several plots of land in the FCT to himself using fronts.  These fronts were Uyo people he used as owners of these plots.  Some of these were Major & Mrs.  Usoro (Rtd), Hon. Cyril Iyaak, Hon. Ime Ebong and Hon. Maurice Edet.

During the verification of land exercise by Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, then Minister of FCT to produces the Abuja Geo Information System, the senator made these people to come to Abuja to authenticate the plots for him.  Some of them resisted insisting on settlement.  It is worthy of note that two of these people Hon. Iyaak and Hon. Ebong are dead and it is widely believed that their deaths which were mysterious may be connected with their demand for compensation from the Senator over the dubious deals.

Check out the over 23 plots in FCT illegally acquired under the name of Akamasio Driving School Ltd – one of the motor park companies owned by the Senator’s late father and other dubious land deals now being investigated by the graft agencies.

Also, as a Minister of State for FCT, Senator Akpanudoedehe defrauded AkwaIbom people especially Uyo people by extorting millions of naira on the pretexts of giving them contracts in Abuja.  Some of those defrauded were; Mr. Usen Matthew a.k.a Ikemba, Mr, Joshua Okon Udo, Mr. Enefiok Udo, Hon. Effiong Akpaniba and Mr. Emmanuel Ekang.

It is on record that up till today, the Senator has neither offered them contracts nor refunded their monies.

In all these, is Senator Akpanudoedehe a Saint?

Akparawa Anietie Ekefre      


Deacon Titus Ibanga


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