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The Rejected And The Consequences by Michael Okoye


Pre-Independence Nigeria

In pre-independence Nigeria, they fought the colonial masters with all their mental, physical, moral, and communication skills.

They wanted independence from the colonial masters at all cost and pursued their ambition with great zeal and passion while other Nigerians were watching with interest like Vultures waiting to partake in the sharing of the rewards.

They so much believed in one Nigeria and a bright and great nation to emerge in post independence Nigeria that they threw all caution to the wind and migrated and settled in foreign and strange lands in the entire length and breadth of this sore called Nigeria.

They fought and fought and led the opposition to the fight for independence and suddenly, the master decided to grant Nigerians their wish and independence was given to us in 1960 and when it came to sharing the political offices, they chose the office of Governor-General and not that of Prime Minister because of their strange belief in one Nigeria.

They built great businesses in major cities in the country. Helped in teaching their fellow Nigerians the importance of living in peace with their strange Nigerian brothers and all their civility, education and pride were rolled in the mod not once, twice or thrice but uncountable times by the bloodthirsty brethrens from the north.

Post-Independence Nigeria

The anger, hatred, bloodletting against them got to the peak between 1966 and 1970, during the civil war and yet they refused to be deterred by all the evil that had been thrown their way.

Their nation gave birth to great men and women that performed great wonders in the fields of sciences, Medicine, Engineering etc. Fields the white man believed were specially reserved for whites only.

They had their properties and bank deposits confiscated by a strange evil from the west called Awolowo, with maximum powers from the then Military government of Gowon after the war. And shortly after that, shares of public companies were sold and they were left to lick there wounds and watch their fellow Nigerians indeed, buying up companies shares at give away prices.

They were denied opportunity to have a shot at the corridors of power and many of their sons and daughters were denied employment in government parastatals, Foreign multinational companies, the military etc and they kept on trudging.

Post Civil War Era

Their first shot at the corridors of power was cut short by the Northern military establishment, in collaboration with the Yoruba press, led by the same strange and evil Awolowo and MKO Abiola in 1983, years before their son would be qualified to vie for the number one office in 1987 – The Presidency.

Their best chance for the Presidency then, was thrown into jail for committing no crime other than being from the rejected tribe. The sons and daughters of the then military Junta that stole the nation blind were either kept under house arrest or were aided in escaping the junta.

Their sons and daughters that were engaged in genuine business were often labeled as criminals and drug pushers and killed, by the agents of the ruling junta for the simple reason of refusing to part with their money in the name of bribe at International Airports, borders and foreign lands.

Their lands and their people were totally impoverished by the ruling juntas by denying them federal presence in the form of good federal roads, establishment of industries, exploitation of mineral resources and other petroleum products on their land, upgrading of Airports and construction of suitable ones befitting an industrious people and the establishment of sea ports on their land.

They are only remembered when the ruling class wish to do the followings:

  • Please the international community with strange propaganda
  • Please Nigerians with transparency in a project
  • Excel an international soccer tournament
  • International bodies wish to recruit competent Nigerians to man some important positions in their organization. Etc.

Post Military Era 1999 – 2007

When ABACHA successfully held the nation hostage and clamped down on any opposition with al his military might, Nigerians suddenly remembered that a man from this rejected tribe can stand up to the great evil, not with grammar, jazz, international connections or his own home grown soldiers, but with only his intelligence, integrity, credibility and his humility and suddenly their was a coup from heaven and the great evil expired and G34 was born and Nigerians heaved a sigh of relief.

When it came to reaping the rewards of winning internal engineered colonization from our internal colonial masters, history repeated itself and a greater evil that was packaged like an Xmas gift was bundled out of prison, properly dry-cleaned and was imposed on Nigerians as our saviour , messiah from Prison and since 1999, nobody in Nigeria with some measure of conscience will deny that this country had been held hostage again by a colleague of the expired Abacha.

No government since independence had come and gone without throwing one evil or the other in the way of these rejected people and they have managed to survive because the are the chosen people of God.

For 7 years there had been no new federal presence in the entire land of these rejected people and such include:

  • No new or rehabilitated federal roads
  • No new or rehabilitated power stations
  • No new or rehabilitated federal Airport
  • No new or rehabilitated rail line
  • No new or rehabilitated government hospitals

When Josef Stalin was arguing with his generals and some of his aids about the belief in God, he asked one of his aids to prove to him that God actually exits and his aid told him: THE JEWS!

The Jews are the proof of Gods existence as far as this Russian aid of Josef Stalin was concerned. They have suffered untold persecution for the past 3000 years and yet they are have managed to use their head to engineer crises among the gentiles that had oppressed them for ages and turned around and started ruling the gentiles in a new Israel called the United States of America.

The former Malaysian strong man Mahtmar Mohammed once told the Organisation of Islamic Country members that the had fought Isreal for 50 years and failed. He told them that fighting Isreal will not bring development to their individual nations nor peace. That they should behave like the jews. When the Jews are attacked, the most often retreat and use their huge mental might to defeat their enemy.

We are the Chosen People and anybody that read one of my piece – THE NIGERIAN DILEMMA published by and in 2003 will definitely realize that 90% of my predictions have come to pass.

The Jewish stone that was rejected by the Gentiles had become a jewel in the hands of the World Bank.

The Consequences

A new world Order has emerged in the international community and sons and daughters of this rejected people have played and are playing active roles in the unfolding drama.

The new world order promotes the mentally strong and destroys the mentally weak and is still emerging. It is a new world order were might is a function of your mental strength and not how much noise one can make or how much public fund one can loot or how much oil resources you have.

This rejected people had sent there brightest to the best countries to get decent education and living and left behind a band of hungry and money conscious sons and daughters of the rejected to spread misery round the gentile nations of Nigeria and the misery is spreading. What goes around comes around and if it refuses to come around, we can engineer a crisis that will make it come around.

I wrote that the South-South people will get power in Nigeria before it gets to the rejected people. I strongly believe that what I wrote in ‘ The Nigerian Dilemma’ had happened. The power will go round all the gentiles and non will be able to move the nation forward no matter how long they stay in power.

It’s a prophesy and you will be alive to watch it happen. We shall send our daughters and sons to get the ship of nation functioning again and it is not magic. Its brain power – Soludo did it, Akunyili did it, Oby did it, Ngozi too crown it and left us in suspense and we have not stopped clapping since she left.

When the time comes, all the developmental aids denied this rejected people will be reversed and the international community will take it upon themselves to invest huge capital to develop the home land of the Achebes, the Soludos, the Ezekwesilis, the Emeagwalis , the Okonjo-Iwealas and the entire land of the sons and daughters of this great chosen people.

The Anglican Church called the claim by the Jews as a chosen race ‘ The Scandal of Election’. A greater Scandal of Election is unfolding among the sons and daughters of this great and rejected people and when it happened, the Nigerian Gentiles will call it ‘ The Scandal of Election.

By the end of the day our 3000 years of persecution shall be quipped away and replaced by eternal and non-stop development and happiness. The 2007 general elections was purely a power struggle between the north and the south west . The south west had emerged victorious and had completely revenged all they suffered in the hand of the north during Abacha’s regime. The only difference was that Atiku did not die like Abiola did in 1998. The monolithic north had been divided by OBJ. and it is for real.

The rejected people once again are licking their wounds since they have failed to see the future. As pioneers of the known standard, we have to encourage our sons and daughters that won elections in PDP, to dissociate themselves from the great evil called OBJ once he is out of office and decamp to APGA or PPA once the time is right.The Nigerian gentiles are going to suffer dearly in the near future.


Michael Okoye

Abuja .


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