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Re: Nigeria Newspaper Publisher In N3 Billion Scandal by Njoku SaintJerry Ajike

The first time I saw this headline on a news website...I didn't think twice about who this could be....and at the end of the read..My guess was damn right!
Nduka Obaigbena is a everyway!
This is not an understatement, I was there in Thisday Newspapers at the Editorial...A full Staff!...I simply walked out of the premises after three months of service when I noticed how poverty and stupidity had striped off every humanity left in the people who worked for him but I will congratulate him on one feat... being able to hold men and women out there in such slavish manner with nobody complaining and even if they do you rarely hear's like he has ears on every wall and the people who worked there are dead scared to their ass!

Scene 1.

You walk into the News-Room, the chill in the large hall and the furnishing might tempt you to resign from your former place of work...This is a 419 Strategy to entrap would-be victims, One night I took time out to walk the entire compund...Dead Night, and  I saw mature men sleeping on the dusty rugged floor exhausted, up in the second floor...I had to figure out what this man is, that he is able to hold people into such slavery and no one out there knows this...Yet he is always the first to report on NIgeria Railway Owing her workers or Pensioners and found out that most of those Men hanging around there are owed salaries at stretch for no other crimes than they missed 'Pay Day'...Some go out in the day to scout for jobs that are rarely there and return to the Publishing House to sleep...a plight he counted as 'Favors'

Scene 2.

Payday!...Payday!!..Payday!!!..You see the staffs scampering like Idiots....I asked one of them but your money should be paid into your accounts whether you're there or not..Why the mad rush?...To my shock, this man has no pay plan, Staffs were made to Queue up in a file and walk in there to collect their salary by cash with a signature against their name...One man, an Editor also...had about N70,000 counted into his hand...In this age!!!
And the worst...those who came late are going to be off the count for that month...No salary for them until another 3 months stretch is due in which he will pay One Month out of the 3 Months...
And why should that be a problem?...My people!...Payday is not announced ahead of time...So you will be lucky enough to stumble in and you see 'Staffs' Chirping like Chickens..Payday!..Payday!!..and those who are on shift have their god or whatsoever they believe in to hold on because they're going to miss that charade.

Scene 3.

Staff were owed up to three months salary and instead of this man paying them, he went and bought about 13 brand new BORA Cars in 2002 and paraded them in Thisday Newspapers Compound..Nobody could utter one word but admire his sense of African foolishness!

Scene 4.

The man could command such a stupid aura...the people who worked for him believe he has authority men at his beck and call and are dead scared of him...Journalist Hopefuls and other Would-be Slaves' are placed on Probation for a period of 6 months..some up to a year while their works are being used without any form of compensation...Some of this Men has no means to live on other than Perks...So his fraudulent traits are going to pass on to this unfortunate men while they conduct a news report...My brother, you should be a Pope not to become biased and report only what will fetch you some loose cash.


Scene 5.

Why do people work for men like this?...Why is this man a favourite even among other publishers and as it is said has authority men at his beck and call...Simple..."Nduka will ask you..Which media house pays what I pay?...How many Media House got my kind of service?...This is one of the most beautiful strategy of a fraudster....At the mention of a whooping salary about 2 times different from what other media houses will pay you...You fall for the fraud, at the mention of a Private Choice Car perk as an Editor and that whooping salary you'll definitely fall for it...But the fact is...These are additional victims and would rarely get even half of this Promise...What happens?...They'll simply follow the footstep of the publisher..."Image laundering"...That's what the entire compund of 'Thisday Newspapers' is...Full of Fraud!!!


Scene 6.

There is what they call 'Surcharge' there...that is, He fines you for any offence ranging from typographical errors to other minor errors, Well, this is his business! but the issue is..sometimes some editors are paying back close to N100,000 to the firm acrued from the so called 'Surcharges'...How can people like this live up to the tenets of Journalism...So I assume they simply write what will fetch them the lost cash! because you see the Editor's appearing normal only to find out they'd all been eaten hollow by worms of lack and ethics of the profession...

Scene 6.

One day, a funny incident took place...I walked into the compund and leaned on a Jeep Car there belonging to Nduka as I learnt, and all hell went loose...Publisher Car!' Publisher Car!...'Dis Boy no de fear...Who be dis Boy?...Dis must be a new boy...You no de fear?!!!
...I later found out nobody touches publisher's car and go free...Well, I did'nt witness anyone taking a punishment on that until one day I witnessed this man dress down a worker in a very humiliating and condescending manner not worth writing in the presence of his team of girls from some Lagos university campuses for fiddling with the Phone at the Reception, the young man worked at the Production Dept. and had lazied in onto the large couch in the tempting Chilly reception to cool his head, the Couch, a cozy large brown settee that takes care of most of the girls that come in Fives at a stretch...My brothers, too many nasty things happen there not worth wasting time on....

Good luck to all his Party here, Party there...Minister Award here, Excellence Service Award there..these are gimmicks of a fraudster and his likes, and I know of a certain that one day I was going to bring some of this shitty practices to the public..So I did not return the Company ID card issued when I left there, because they are still owing me...3 Months paid 2...So I kept the ID Card incase one day anybody dares refute all this claim...and I may release more!...Because he is still owing me and I still have original copy of my appointment letter intact!..I did not resign...I just walked out, I got too many important things to do for life than sit under a Fraudster and keep smiling in silence like a fool!

I know One day Nemesis will always catch up with people like Nduka Obaigbena like Rats.
and besides I was certainly going to bring people like this to the view when they'll least expected it...He is a typical Nigeria Image Laundrer!...
He should just keep the N3 Billion...I don't need to investigate about that, he had already acted more than such character!

Much Love People!

Njoku SaintJerry Ajike
All my love



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