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Date Published: 02/28/10

Something Must Give Way Now! By Joe Igbokwe


From the reports on the front pages of almost all Nigerian leading newspapers, we were informed that President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua has acknowledged Goodluck Jonathan as Acting President. Though this changes nothing on the situation he met Nigeria on his alleged return but we are moved to ask the following questions;

i.                     Where and when did Yar’Adua issue the purported statement of endorsement?

ii.                   Who was given the message and in what capacity?

iii.                 Is Yar’Adua still in Saudi Arabia or did he truly come to Nigeria?

iv.                Why all the drama that are being played on Nigerians since February 24 th when the president purportedly arrived Nigeria from Saudi Arabia?

v.                  Who amongst the top officials of this government, from the Acting President to the Senate President, to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, to the governors, ministers and other aides, has seen Yar’Adua since he purportedly returned?

vi.                Who are the people that masterminded the illegal deployment of soldiers, without the permission of the Acting President, to the Abuja airport on the day of the purported return of Yar’Adua?

vii.              Who are behind the reckless audacity of Lt. Gen. A.B Dambazau, the Chief of Army Staff in his insistence to owing allegiance to Yar’Adua and not to the constitution of Nigeria?

viii.            Who are the people taking far reaching decisions in Nigeria at present?

ix.                 Who are the people shielding Yar’Adua from Nigerians and what is their main purpose for such criminal action?

x.                   What agenda is this criminal gang pursing and what does this portend for the Nigerian people?

xi.                 In whose interest is the sinister motive of the gang that are trading with Yar’Adua presently?

xii.               Who are the people behind the many lies we had been told about Yar’Adua since his health degenerated in November?

xiii.             What do they stand to gain from all these shenanigans?

xiv.            When will all these nonsense stop?

Now Hear This: If, in the next 24 hours, these criminals still hold Yar’Adua in hiding, the National Assembly should impeach Yar’Adua in the interest of the whole nation. Enough is enough!

Joe Igbokwe.

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