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Date Published: 02/24/10

A Shadow cabinet for Nigeria By Nwokedi Nworisara


In 1991 a shadow cabinet for Nigeria was appointed and ratified by the General Assembly of the then New Nigerian Youth Movement [NNYM] meeting at the University of Lagos. The idea of a shadow cabinet arose as the youth body sought a concrete assurance that their interests would be safeguarded through the turbulent periods preceding transition to civil rule. The youths were totally dissatisfied with the dribbling and insincerity of the military coupled with the empty promises of their political apologists. Strengthened by the realization that the destiny of the country lay in their hands being the undisputed majority, aware of the obstacles that lay in the way of true majority rule arising from a military manipulated transition, determined to preserve the integrity of the Nigerian state from hijack by opportunists, the youths chose to deliver their own messages themselves to the Nigerian people. To this end, the youths Assembly decided to sponsor this writer as their Presidential Aspirant and Spokesperson to the then ongoing Presidential Primaries of the now defunct State sponsored political parties namely the National Republican convention [NRC] and the Social Democratic Party [SDP].

After 18 months in the campaign trail by 1992, after touring the entire country campaigning under serious constraints, it became clear that the military would not hand over power easily. The Shadow cabinet option was now to be activated in line with the earlier youth’s assembly resolution. It was designed to enable a ‘virtual’ government to run parallel to the military conception of democracy so that by her example the quasi -military governments would be unable to run Nigeria aground, thereby protecting and preserving the Nigerian State for generations yet unborn. At this time funding was a big problem and modern internet and computer technology was still largely inaccessible but the future gave promise of a growing interconnected world making the operation of a shadow government more feasible.

On their appointment via a press announcement from our campaign headquarters in Surulere Lagos on April 25 th 1992, Twenty two prominent Nigerians were saddled with an extraordinary responsibility to stand in the gap for the true majority of Nigerians for 18 years, during this period their performance were monitored and today the best performers will have their mandate renewed with the gratitude of this generation of Nigerians. They were not paid but instead they used their resources to run their various ministries and departments to ensure the realization of their mandate. You could say that it was mandatorily voluntary. There was to be no official appointment nor was there to be any investiture because the security situation then even today would not permit such luxuries. While their collective performance was satisfactory, some can only be rewarded post- humusly because they died in active service preserving their fatherland. They succeeded in seeing us through the worst of military dictatorship. Unfortunately there is facing us a similar octopus that must be defeated, hence the need to reconstitute this body to fight for the interest of the Nigerian state for another 18 year term.

The 1992 shadow cabinet with their portfolio is as follow

Name                                                                                      Portfolio

J.K. Randle                                                                              Petroleum Resources

 Alhaji Shehu Musa                                                              Rural Development

Alhaji Maitama Sule                                                             Defense

Olisa Agbakoba   SAN                                                           Social Security and Welfare

Prof Wole Soyinka                                                                Foreign Affairs

Alao  Aka Bashorun SAN  [ Late]                                        Justice

Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu                                            Mines and Power

Ben Murray Bruce                                                                 Tourism

Steve Rhodes [Late]                                                              Culture

Chief Ernest Shonekan                                                          Works and Housing

Dr Tai Solarin [Late]                                                               Education

Alhaji Umaru Shinkafi                                                            Police Affairs

Dr Osaigbovo Ogbomudia                                                    Youths and Sports

Chief A. E illodibe [Late]                                                        Transport

Alhaji Alhaji                                                                              Finance

Dr Oluremi Aribisala                                                               Agriculture

Mike Okereke                                                                          Information

Prof Godian Nzekwe                                                               Science and Technology

Prof Lambo                                                                               Health

Other appointments include:

Philip Trimnell                                                                          Director General, NTA

Mrs Kuforiji Olubi                                                                    Governor, Central Bank

Alhaji  Aliko Mohammed                                                         Vice President

Those who carried out their mandate meritoriously aside from the others who  passed on in active service such as Prof Wole Soyinka, Olisa Ogbakoba, Alhaji Maitama Sule, Ben Murray- Bruce, Ernest Shonekan, etc to name a few have been reappointed into a new shadow cabinet together with new members to be ratified by the New Nigeria Youth Assembly meeting soon in Port Harcourt to evaluate progress of the Nigerian Revolution and set the way forward for the coming decades.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Long live the Nigerian State

Long live the Nigerian people.

Mr Nworisara aspired to be President of Nigeria in 1992

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