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Date Published: 12/13/09

Tiger Woods and His Critics By Sabella Ogbobode Abidde Sabidde@yahoo.com 


It has not been a good two-week for Tiger Woods. His alleged marital infidelity has become the talk of town, the subject of conjectures. Comedians, talk-show hosts, TV shows, sports analysts, radio DJs and talk-radio hosts are all having a field-day blasting and criticizing him. Some critics have become paragon of morality -- all at his expense. 

Two weeks after the incidence was first reported, they seem not to have had enough of the scandal. It is as if a lot of these critics and talking-heads have been waiting for ten or more years to stick their tongues and their middle finger at him. It seems they have waited and waited and waited for this moment to come so they could give him verbal whooping. The body language of some of them says it all: “Got ya!” 

The irony is that even known philanderers, confirmed adulterers, and certified hypocrites are having a field day criticizing Tiger Woods. All manner of people -- people you normally wouldn’t leave your daughter or wife with, are all having fun at his expense. It is an open season on Tiger Woods; the time to abuse, to ridicule, to sermonize and to analyze his behavior and his entire life. 

To many of these critics and detractors, Tiger Woods’ marital indiscretion is worst than uxoricide (the killing of one’s wife). In fact, the tone and language of some of these critics is such that he might as well have committed homicide. Why? Why all these hateful and vengeful language? Why all the hyperboles and superciliousness? Why the hypocrisy on the part of people, many of whom may have committed immeasurable sins?  

What did he do wrong? What? That he slept with women other than his wife? That he committed adultery? So what? As soon as you are able to, please show me a girl who did not cheat on her boyfriend, or a wife who has not cheated on her husband. And as soon as you are able to, please show me a lad who did not cheat on his girlfriend, or a husband who has not cheated on his wife. Tiger Woods committed adultery? So what? Please! 

He slept around, so what? Even those who habitually commit fornication and adultery are speaking like the Pope; others are judging him as though they themselves are saints. Nonsense! News reports and commentaries about his actions are no longer just news and commentaries; it has morphed into extreme dislike of his person, his successes and his worldview. We knew this day would come -- the day when some people turn against him. 

Tiger Woods’ “infractions” are glaring, too many: he claims not to be Black. He married a White woman. He is rich and young and on his way to being the first sport-billionaire. He is a successful sports figure, and at golf for that matter. He carries himself as if he is without blemishes. He floats as opposed to walking like mere mortals. He is said not to hang out with ordinary folks. And he seems to have created and live in his own world and by his own rules. For these and other reasons, his enemies and critics prayed and prayed for his downfall. 


Sadly, by his own actions, he gave his critics and his enemies “the tools with which to destroy him.” He made it possible for them to come at him and with vengeance, too. Nonetheless, his actions shouldn’t have dominated the airways and print for this long. At a time when the world is worried about so many global challenges, infidelity is not something we should overly concern ourselves with. Messing around, screwing around, is not a breach of national security or international conventions. 

What lessons are there to be learnt here? Oh, that Tiger Woods is like most men who, on occasions, commit adultery? There are those who base their argument on religious creed. Some others base their disagreement on “trust in a relationship;” while a few others anchor their position on the “role model” argument. To each his/her own. His actions did not rise to the level of a national or global crisis. It did not. It won’t. It never will.  

Adultery is a “crime of opportunity” very many of us would indulge in. Many relish it. Religion and other factors may prevent some of us from partaking; still, if there is an assurance of secrecy or absolution from sanction, most of us -- men and women -- would do it.  There is no need to grieve over such matters. To do otherwise smacks of high hypocrisy! 

Now, what’s the matter with all those girls who are now confessing to sleeping with him? What are their motives? Money? 15-minutes of fame? To destroy him? Bragging rights? One of the alleged mistress, Jaimee Grubbs, is even claiming that Tiger Woods “never mentioned his wife.” Yea right; as if she didn’t know he was/is married. Miss Grubbs should not accuse Tiger Woods of anything; she was a wiling participant in the joyride. Her moans and groans were loud and clear. And she may have enjoyed it all, enjoyed the association, and enjoyed all associated benefits. 

And what has it cost Tiger Woods? Plenty! First, the whole episode makes him appear careless and unschooled. You don’t text your mistresses, you don’t leave voice messages, and you definitely don’t allow pictures to be taken. Secondly, the scandal may end up costing him thirty-five million dollars or more in settlements, endorsements and appearance fees. Third, his prenuptial package may also be reworked. And finally, his life will never be the same again: his mystic and aura slightly dimmed.  

What’s more, there will be whispers around him and about him for a very long time. Nevertheless, it is time to move on. It is time to engage some of the really serious matters of our time. Adultery is nothing but recreational sex, and not a violation of the law. It is not a big deal. It should not be a big deal. And even if it were, let the aggrieved party deal with it privately. This is not the type of issue that should dominate national or global exchange.

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