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Date Published: 12/02/09

Again, A foreign Coach for the Super Eagles to be or not to be. By Ndiameeh Babrik. 


I am gradually coming to understand the fact the problem with the average Nigerian is that he does believe in himself and therefore does not naturally believe in the ability of the other Nigerian. That is why practically the average Nigerian believes in anything foreign especially if it is from Europe. The average Nigerian it seems have developed this defeatist attitude and  is ever ready to surrender his birth right to anything foreign even if it is from Republic of Benin or Niger Republic I am not even mentioning South Africa or Europe yet. I promise to complete the story of my Surgeon Urologist friend of mind today and his Nigerian 'Big man patient'. The defeatist attitude in the average Nigerian is exemplified in the facts that most good manufactured in Nigeria will bear the tag made in Italy or USA or China as the case may be.

The average Nigerian will rather go to South Africa or even Ghana to treat his malaria or pericarditis  than treat it in UCH Ibadan or JUTH Jos. Ironically year in year out the best brains in these Nigerian hospitals are recruited annually to Europe or America via the Green card lottery or the skilled emigrants visa to Europe. Record has it that Nigerians are the highest foreign medical doctors in USA and are second to Indians in the UK.

As per other fields of human Endeavour like sports and particularly football, an average Nigerian will rather have an emergency foreign coach even he has never qualified Kingdom of Lesotho to African Cup of Nations and who does not even speak English language properly talk less of one of Nigeria's local languages to take the Super Eagles to an African Cup of Nation barely one month away rather than a local coach who toiled with team over two years and won of his matches simply because of self-defeatist attitude.

Some national dailies have taken it upon themselves to recruit a foreign coach on the pages of their newspapers even before the Nigerian Football Federation would take a decision on that. We particularly thank the board under the able leadership of Abdullahi Lulu for refusing to succumb to cheap blackmail by some individuals and some unpatriotic self serving newspapers.

Otherwise what was the justification for example of the publication in the Abuja Today newspaper of Monday the 16 of November 2009, calling for the sack of Coach Amodu Shuaibu? It was titled; “PLEASE SACK THIS MAN NOW”

Sack him for what I ask again? For qualifying Nigeria for world cup? It is either a self inflicted defeatist attitude or race inferiorly complex of some black men and women. Amongst the 32 nations going to the world cup in South Africa next year, not even France that qualified controversially has contemplated the sack of their coach. It takes a super coach of great experience to win an away final world cup qualifying match considering the importance of that match to the Kenyans for their African Nations' Cup qualifications. Coach Amodu Shuaibu is simply in that group of world class coaches by all standards. Here is a coach who did not lose any match throughout the world cup qualifying matches and only lost one friendly match controversially to Columbia. Whoever is calling for his sack is doing so for no other reason than malice.  They just want to detract his attention from concentrating on his preparation for the cup of nations and world cup. His exploits at BCC Lions of Gboko is unparalleled to date in that club.


Therefore the average Nigerian and some section of the Nigeria media must as a matter of deliberate policy purge themselves of this inferiorly complex of a foreign coach is the best for Nigeria. The era of foreign is best should be gone for good. My suggest to the Nigeria Football Federation board now is that a good former Super Eagles player like Sunday Oliseh should be drafted to assist and understudy Coach Shuaibu Amodu as a subsequent replacement when Coach Shuaibu Amodu eventually retires from that job. I am basing my premise on the analysis of matches Sunday Oliseh was making during the last African Cup of Nations 2008 held in Ghana. The match analysis and predication made by Sunday Oliseh before every match begins seems to came out almost exactly after every match. Please request the tape from BBC sports and confirm my premise on Sunday Oliseh.

News media like Abuja Today and others championing the call for a winning coach to be sacked is not only unpatriotic but an embarrassment to the development of every nation that aspires to be great. Amodu Shuaibu has never been a failure in his coaching career so far and this one cannot certainly be different. By the way, for the champions of those clamouring for a foreign coach, what does it profit a country called Nigeria to pay a foreign coach $30, 000 US dollars per month as salary and keep that coach yet still in Transcorp Hilton Abuja at tax payers' expense rather paying a local coach probably about 500,000 to one million Naira which is equivalent to just about six thousand US dollars or less and even without Transcorp Hilton Hotel accommodation? That is why Nigerian thieving elites will rather go to South Africa or Europe to spend about £100, 000 British pound sterling minus hotel and transport fare to have blood and x-ray tests done instead of buying the laser machine my friend L. Ajayi used on him in London to be used in Nigeria for the common good of everybody. Dr Ajayi said that that laser machine is just $35,000 US dollars.

The long and short of it is that no more foreign coach for Nigeria. Local coaches should be sent on training from time to time simple.

Let us as Nigerians develop the attitude of looking at the glass as half full rather than looking at it as half empty always.

Patriotic Nigerians must stand up and be counted at a time like this. No more foreign coaches in Nigeria for good.

Meanwhile our thanks good to Abdullahi Lulu and his men at the Nigeria Football Federation Board for heeding a wise call and applying a wisdom to retain the best football coach to have ever served Nigeria. Records are there to cross check.

Ndiameeh Babrik. 


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