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Date Published: 12/02/09

At Last, there is gleam of hope for Nigeria. 'Rawlings Formula might do the magic' By Ndiameeh Babrik


Yes at last there is gleam of hope for Nigerians. I am basing my optimism on the fact that even people in high places now are calling for the “Rawlings' formula”. Well those of them who still have little conscience and pricking them day and night.

Patriotic and honest Nigerians have been clamoring for it now that it is the only panacea to this canker worm that has eaten deep down even to the roots of the Nigerian state. I mean how can somebody who stole #82 billion naira in one swoop for example just go to jail for six months and just come out to enjoy his or her loot ever after and even to quote Dr Babangida Aliyu greater part of the six months is spent in the amenity ward of a hospital on the pretext that the V.I.P monster has malaria or diabetes.

Yet still these are people who destroyed the Nigeria hospital systems but have private jet air ambulance to take them to America, England, Saudi Arabia and India to treat toothache and razor blade cut.

These are the same people who destroyed the Nigeria road network system and now have acquired helicopters to ferry them from their houses to the Airports. These are the same people who destroyed the Nigerian educational system and now send their children and grand children overseas to attend primary and secondary schools and of course university. They have virtually taken over the corporate structure of Nigeria in such a way that they have planned to be in charge for 1000 years. Otherwise look at the tricks and the barb wire they have put in the so called constitution 1999. Most of the spirits and the letters of the constitution are vague and meaningless.

Worst still they have made it very difficult to alter or amend it as the case may be.

They have made it a state policy that our children who attend Nigeria schools and universities are unemployable. Rather they will rather use us are their security guards in their houses, businesses and private schools they have opened with our stolen money.


To add insult to injury, they have rigged their or is selected their surrogates into the National Assembly to defend tooth and nail every effort to alter the status quo. For example just last August Mrs Hillary Clinton has told Nigerians and the whole world that between 1979 and 2009, that those who presided over the affairs of state in Nigeria stole #300 billion US dollars from the state coffers! Some of us are still asking the simple question was that #300 billion dollars stolen by ghost or spirit?

Yet everyday you hear jiggles on Radio or TV ICPC is watching you. Bullshit I say. The whole truth is that people like Bode George are just victims of power play within the thieving elite that just became a casualty of their internal wrangling.

At least Segun Osoba said that in one of his recent interviews.

Even DSP Alamasiegha conviction was a still a fall out from a power play.

Otherwise how can Mrs Clinton come to Nigeria and challenge Nigerian government to its face that from 1979 to 2009, a whooping #300 US dollars was stolen from Nigeria by thieving leaders yet no action has been take by ICPC or the new firebrand and brimstone charging new EFCC. Five months after this challenging statement was made, government has never come out to deny it or challenge or even to issue any statement to make their stand clear. If my rudimentary law is still intact then silence is equivalent to acquiescence in law.

If that challenge were to be made in China or even Ghana by now somebody would have gone to the gallows. But the apology the government can issue to Nigerians is to insist on the mother of all deregulations which is the final curtain call of all deregulations. They insist a cabal is holding the Nigeria oil industry at the jugular but what I cannot always understand is that are these cabal or whatever are they ghost or spirit? Can't they be named and shamed? Look at the unnecessary agony and hardship Nigerians go through daily simple because of incompetent of governance.

The hallmark of incompetent of governance now is the show of shame being displayed by the Senate and House of Representatives simply over ego issues. They actually placed their ego above state matters. The recent happenings in the National Assembly has confirmed the notion some of us having been having that these guys were put their by their godfathers to steal and to loot no more no less. You can imagine a situation whereby a national budget is held up simply because of Dimeji Bankole/David Mark ego. What happens to think of what you can do for your country? Sorry it does not apply to Nigeria. Well there is ray of hope at the tunnel, more and more people are now calling for the Rawlings formula even those in high places and corridors of power. It seems it is coming earlier than some of us have expected. A good starting point I guess is the #300 billion US stolen from the national treasury between 1979 and 2009. The last and present generation of Nigerians have been wasted, let us give the next generation a ray of hope. “Rawlings formula might do the magic”

We have no other country but Nigeria, we have to salvage it together.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ndiameeh Babrik


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