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Date Published: 11/23/09

Why Amodu Shuaibu must take the Super Eagles to the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.  By Ndiameeh Babrik


Following my article with the title “Sack Coach Amodu Shuaibu for taking Nigeria to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.”, there has been a lot of reaction in the media with all diverse views as is Nigeria. Like I stated in that article, I still stand by the fact that Amodu Shuaibu has the experience and the qualifications and qualities to perform very well at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Before I decided to put pen to paper for this article, I decided first to check the web site of the Nigeria Football Federation to check my facts.

Nigeria played her first official or unofficial game in October 1949 in England under one John Finch as the Coach. Since 1949 up to date, Nigeria has had 34 Coaches made up of Nigerians and foreigners alike. Coach Amodu Shuaibu has had the privilege of coaching the Super Eagles on three occasions in 1996-1997, 2001-2002 and 2008 to date.

The ultimate dream of every football coach or player is to player in the world cup.

Amongst the 31 Coaches that have taken charge of the Green Eagles turned Super Eagles in 1988, no coach whatsoever has equaled the performance of Coach Shuaibu Amodu since record began. It is he who has had the singular honor of qualifying the Nigerian senior national team two times out of four. Clement Westerhof and Bora Milutinovic came distant second with one slot each in 1994 and 1998 respectively.

When it comes to the African Cup of Nations he did not do badly either as he was able to get a Bronze at 2002. The only coaches who faired better than his performance at the Africa Cup of Nations were Clement Westerhof in 1994 got Gold. Otto Gloria in 1980 got Gold while Manfred Hoener and Jo Bonfrere got Silver in 1988 and 2000 respectively. But logically and by world standard Coach Amodu Shuaibu's performance have superseded theirs since he has two world cup qualifications in his kitty. But above all no local or Nigerian coach so far have performed like him. Please check the Nigeria Football Federation web site for confirmation. But for the fact that Nigeria withdrew from the 1996 African Cup of Nations in South Africa, Amodu Shuaibu would have probably won the Cup for Nigeria. On the three occasions he has been in charge, he has always qualified the Super Eagles to Africa Cup of Nations.

I am wondering what some Nigerians expect of him? I believe if every Nigerian has done his duties like Coach Shuaibu Amodu there is no need to start branding or re-branding ala Dora Akunyili. As Nigerians in Diaspora, Coach Shuaibu Amodu has done us proud especially here in England. Coach Shuaibu Amodu has done in one swoop what Dora Akunyili's re-branding cannot do with over One billion Naira down the drain. Listening to commentaries and discussion on BBC Radio Five, already Nigeria is being classified as a strong team at the world cup.


I still repeat that what Coach Amodu Shuaibu needs now is not unnecessary detraction but total support from all and sundry whether you are a Senator or an ordinary Nigerian like me.

As I am writing this article this evening, England's preparation for the world cup is in top gear. Please let us leave Coach Amodu Shuaibu to consolidate on his performance rather detracting his attention. He has been the best out of 31 men over 60 years can any body disprove that or take that away from him? He must cap his career by taking the Super Eagles to the World Cup in South Africa next year.

That is why Nigeria as a country is performing poorly in developmental project. Instead of supporting those who are doing the nation proud, some few individuals will run them down or are it pull him down? Coach Shuaibu Amodu has done a great feat again by qualifying the Super Eagles for another world cup. Whoever wants him sacked can wait till after the world cup in South Africa next year. For now he has brought Glory again to Nigeria, the only local or Nigerian national to have done that so far and even twice.

Coach Shuaibu Amodu must ripe the fruit of his labour this time.

Anything short of allowing him to take his wining team to South Africa is against natural justice, equity and good conscience.

How can somebody pass a very hard examination entered into by 208 candidates and one is amongst the lucky 32 yet one's certificate is given to somebody else. Is that fair? Otherwise ask the Republic of Ireland. The news analysis on BBC says that by qualifying for world cup alone, the French economy will make about one billion US dollars. I do not know what the monetary value will be to the Nigerian economy, but one thing I know it has brought glory to us and the Nigerian nation, it has reduced the negative image on us Nigerians here in the UK. Amodu Shuaibu, God bless you and your star will continue to shine please do not disappoint us when you take the Super Eagles to South Africa next year. The Federal Government please make money available for him now to start preparation for the African Cup of Nations and the World Cup. Our great Coach Amodu farewell in South Africa 2010. 

Ndiameeh Babrik

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