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Date Published: 11/11/09

Abu King Shuluwa more Catholic then the Pope By Ndiameeh Babrik.


Chief Abu King Shuluwa is going about doing his hatchet job of PDP on the Plateau as if his life totally depends on it. Agreed that he has been an expired politician in his native Benue state since he was one of those who betrayed the famous JS Tarka of the middle belt struggle. In as much as there are people like Abu Shuluwa in the middle belt who have a price and are always ready to even negotiate the middle belt struggle out for a peanut then the struggle of the JS Tarkas, Jonah Jangs, Gideon Orkars, Solomon Lars, Isaac Shaahus, Abubukar Audus, Wilberforce Jutas, Salihu Ibrahims, Jolly Tanko Yusufs and all the Danjumas of this world are all in vein. When the history of the middle belt struggle will be written, it will be decked in our conscience and we will pass the information to our children and grandchildren that there was one man called Abu Shuluwa who sabotaged all the effort of the middle belters to get their identity. He was the fifth-columnist of his time and he was the one that mortgaged the freedom of the middle belt.

The South-South has got their identity and in fact will soon control their oil.

As for Abu Shuluwa, some of us cannot understand why he is crying more then the bereaved. Agreed that the PDP has paid him to come and destabilise the Plateau so that they may use that excuse to make attempt to impeach the dynamic and purposeful government of the people.  But for the sake of the rule of law of the PDP controlled government of Umaru Yar'adua can't he see reason why he should obey a court order that clearly spelt out that all parties to a dispute should stay action.

Abu Shuluwa it seems is a super special human being since every court order does not apply to him but only to his masters as he said.

It is true that he might be in a hurry to finish the hatchet job, but he should remember that it will do him no good if Plateau is burning more so that almost half of the Plateau is Benue people.


One begin to wonder how people like Abu Shuluwa never learn from history, but for the fact that people like him sold out as far back as 1962-1966, middle Belt Region would have been actualised at that time. But 43 years on, he is still ready to be used to destabilise the re-emerging middle belt region.

What I expected Chief Abu Shuluwa to have told his paymaster was that there are more troubles and more factions in PDP in Adamawa state, Kano state, Sokoto state and Oyo state, therefore the Plateau PDP problem is a minor one.

If the case of the Adamawa state PDP and government is looked at actually, that is the case that deserved the attention of Vincent Ogbulafor, Umaru Yar'adua and their foot soldiers. The PDP constitution is clear about zoning of offices at all levels whether in government or at party level. Even Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, an elder from Adamawa state made very clear reference to that in his interview.

A situation whereby Murtala Nyako is the governor and his blood brother Kugama Mijinyawa is the state chairman of the PDP from the same ward in Mayo Belwa is totally against the spirit and letters of the PDP constitution.

But since it suits the powers that be, Vincent Ogbulafor and Rufai Alkali are quiet about it.

But what is interesting about the Abu Shuluwa hatchet job is that he is insisting on carrying his so called job illegally despite several court orders barring him from doing that.

Umaru Yar'adua and Vincent Ogbulafor should call their boy Abu King Shuluwa to order since he is now above the courts in the land. But to prompt the rule of law, separation of powers must be applied to the later and that I believe begins by complying with all court orders even if it is from an Area court judge.

Since the court order has been served on the national PDP leadership of Rufai Alkali and Vincent Ogbulafor, they should direct their boy Abu Shuluwa to immediately stop harassing people on the Plateau. They were the one that sent him in the first place to do their dirty job for them.

Ndiameeh Babrik.


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