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Date Published: 11/11/09

My Hubby, Bode George, As A Scapegoat By Hakeem Babalola 


My name is Ilori George. I am the wife of Bode George who was recently sent to jail by a Kangaroo court in Lagos. I write this article to show my discontent over the wrong imprisonment of this great man who has served his country with an affective disorder to make sure that the vestiges of corruption democracy were uprooted. My hubby is a patriot, lovely and almost perfect husband. Although sometimes stingy, he did everything to send his children to the best school in the world; and me to the best shopping malls across the globe. Although older than I, he’s better than most young men – even intimacy. What else does his country want from him? What and what else?  
My hubby, Peoples Democratic Party Chieftain and former Nigeria Ports Authority chairman, was convicted by one Justice Olubunmi Oyewole to 28 years imprisonment without an option of fine. What a joke. What a farce. What a bias and inexperience mind. The judgement is simply unfair and further makes mockery of our judicial process. I know that Nigerians feel extreme happiness over the judgement but of course, it shows the shallow side of a people who forget so soon.

Now they are hailing the verdict but what are they going to do should the apex court crush it? Then they will start abusing the judiciary they had already praised vociferously. So, who is systematically destroying the country? Is it my hubby or Nigerians who can't think deeply? I have never seen a country so determined to useless its best citizens like Nigeria. This is a country full of frustrated and angry human beings; a nation in denial; full of PHDS (Pull Him Down Syndrome). Nothing is good in their hollow eyes.

This is the same people who probably believe that the former EFCC chairman, Malam Nuhu Ribadu did an excellent job during his tenure. If he did his job well and he didn’t find anything incriminating against my beloved, why is BG being persecuted now? By hailing the judgement, Nigerians have displaced extra-ordinary ignorance. They have talked from both sides of their mouth. They have enthusiastically enticed politics of bitterness into our polity. I believe my hubby has been made a scapegoat.

Well, he will go on hunger strike and he won’t wear that stinking prison uniform but the aso ebi the family had sown for him. And he will demand special treatment from prison authorities. For your information he had already bought N1million VIP en-suit cell. Though I can wait for two years, prison authorities have assured me that I can be with him any time I feel like. And shame on some of his close pals who have been making advances to me since his demise. Till death do us part is my watchword about marriage.    
And what offence has my pet committed? My darling was specifically convicted on 38 out of the 68-count charge which border on contract splitting, abuse of office and disobedience to lawful order. Isn't it extravagantly humorous? Since when for example, is contract splitting or abuse of office or disobedience to lawful order - especially by big men - becomes a crime in Nigeria? Or is my dearest no more a big man in his country? Let someone answer my question. Justice Oyewole must be naive. No qualms for we shall kill plenty cows and we shall dance form Kirikiri to uptown to agodi in Ibadan adorn our aso ebi to celebrate when the Supreme Court will have trounced Oyewole's verdict.

Anyway, Nigerians would soon know the details behind such vague pronouncement. Who beat the drum Justice Oyewole danced to? Or did the Ikeja Justice make a bid to gain attention using my sweetheart as a scapegoat? Of course, yes. Let me state clearly here that my darling will appeal and the yeye Justice shall be ridiculed. Sweetheart will soon show Nigerians that Nigeria is for the beg men and women; that his party PDP is still ruling Nigeria and will continue to rule for 60 years as predicted by Prince Vincent Ogbulafor; that big men are bigger than Nigeria.

Imagine a Justice in Nigeria of today rambling about contract splitting, abuse of office and disobedience to lawful order as the vehicle by which one and only BG should ride to the gulag! It's not only unfair; it's man hunting. After all, we live in a materialistic country where anything goes. Nobody can hound my husband. Anyone who does or attempts to do such gory task should be ready to hold the bull by its horns. Yes, my sweetie is a bull when it comes to fighting. He will destroy anyone who stands in his way. I have always admired his spirit even before I married him. And for your information his children are following his wonderful footstep.

My man shall rise again. No question about that. After all, Chief Obafemi Awolowo of blessed memory once said and I quote “There is no glory in never falling but to rise each time we fall”. My hero may have fallen now but he shall rise – soonest. BG will use the prison experience as an ugly horse to ride to Aso Rock, the seat of power where no one would be able to touch him. Don’t forget that baba also passed through the same path and eventually ruled Nigeria for eight years. Even uncle Omisore, who was allegedly accused of masterminding the killing of the former Attorney General/Justice Minister, uncle Bola Ige, won senatorial elections from prison. So I’m not bothered that much. I’m optimistic and optimistic. 
Listen to the newspaper reports: "Specifically, they were alleged to have awarded contracts for the supply of several items and repair of some equipment worth billions of naira in foreign currencies. They were also accused of committing an abuse of office “by splitting three contracts into separate contracts; which sum was beyond your  approved limits” which EFCC described as “arbitrary and prejudicial to the right of the Federal Minister of Transportation, being the appropriate authority to award contracts in excess of N20 Million.” 
And so what? Is my husband with his co-accused the only men to do this? Man, don't forget that we are talking about Nigeria. This is a country where one man is allowed to steal a cow while another must not even look at its tail. This is a country in which criminals decide our polity. This is a country where elections mean "do or die" affairs. This is a country where people's vote never determined who won. This is a country where a sitting governor can be abducted by a party thug and go scot-free. This is a country where, according to a retired president, there’s honour among thieves. This is a country where even a local council chairman can become billionaire in just three months in office. So what's the big deal?  


What I am saying is simple. If my ducky lives in ideal society, he has no choice than to be ideal. The language we speak in Nigeria is corruption, egunje, corruption. Justice Oyewole wants my BG to be different? No, that is for the Gani Fawehinmi of this world. Let Justice Oyewole swear if he has no cupboard in his skeleton or is it skeleton in his cupboard? Darling is a pragmatic fellow; a down-to-earth human being. He violently believes he has no power to change the rot in his environment; hence he must join the rat race. Now tell me, how many of his contemporaries are actually different from him? And how many have Justice Oyewole put behind bars?  
See, I said earlier that Nigerians would soon know the actual reason why my husband was convicted. It simply cannot be because he stole money, for every big man in Nigeria steals. Abi no be such stealing dem dey call national cake? Even now dem dey steal through bank loan debt. If you don't know about this new trick on how to amass stupendous wealth, please go and read an article titled, "Billionaire Overdraft" . It may convince you that my darling is innocent considering the life we live in Nigeria. My husband's conviction definitely has political undertone. Therefore, you must join me and the family to campaign for his quick release.  
With this jungle judgement, Justice Oyewole has attempted to reduce my husband’s rank from upper-upper big man class to middle-upper big man class. We, the family will resist any endeavour to downgrade our breadwinner from his well deserved apex class. It means a lot to us. Not only because of this, but because we consider it a selective judgement which is what BG has been fighting against all his life. Live and let live and chop is his favourite song. Is my pet that bad? I don't think so and the next paragraph shall vindicate my claim.  
In 2003 did Ibrahim Babangida not flaunt the Oputa Panel set up by the federal government to investigate complaints of gross human rights violations from 1966 to 1999? And did the Minna Prince not get his own share of the so-called national cake? Didn't we all witness the gross abuse of human rights during his reign of terror? And is the man not walking our street with the pride of a locust now? What of the farmer in Ota, our one and only baba? Did he build his mansion and his first class farm with his salary? And is our ex-president and wealthy farmer not my husband's padi padi? So why singling out my beloved, while those who stole more than him are still our policy makers in one way or another?  
Even Abacha son is now eyeing the governorship race! You may wink and say I am beating about the bush. Until these people are also prosecuted, we the family of Chief Olabode George shall fight it out. We won't relent on our efforts to make sure that our dear father, husband, grandpa, in-law, uncle is released unconditionally. This is a political persecution. I reiterate here that contract splitting or disobedience to lawful order as I have shown with above example is a characteristic of every Nigerian, especially the so-called big men in our society. 
To single out my husband is unfair and uncalled for. He is not the first and certainly won't be the last to exhibit this type of behaviour. He is a Nigerian and had patriotically stood up for the welfare and rights of the masses. He was the former Governor of Ondo State and former Principal Staff Officer to the No 2 man in the Abacha Government. He also served in the navy. Like other Nigerian patriots, he has done his best for this country and it's shameful that this is how he is being repaid. And as for those evil people rejoicing over the temporary triumph of injustice that my hubby is suffering, they will soon lick their own vomit.

Before I forget what of other members of the PDP family who are equally guilty? I don't really want to name names. But it’s not just my husband that should be convicted. Finally, what’s going to happen to us now that our breadwinner has been made elewon jaguda pali? I appeal to Nigerians, most especially those internet warriors and Nigerians in the Diaspora to rally round Chief Olabode George as they did for our two Malams, Messrs Nuhu Ribadu and Nasir El-Rufai during their passport renew imbroglio. Nigerians must resist selective persecution. Fight for the right cause. And more importantly, help us so that my husband’s money will not be confiscated. Thanks. 
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