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Date Published: 11/03/09



I have just read the FrontPage story in the flagship, The Guardian of Monday November 2 2009 with the caption, AC, others task PDP, police on abduction of Soludo’s father. In the continuation of the story in page 4, I read where Chris Ubah said: “As a BOT member in the South-East, I spent close N800 million to buy brand new 406 cars and shared to all the party executives in the State. I bought 5000 motorcycles, 5000 bags of rice and 5000 wrappers and shared N500,000 to each local government area, just for the purpose of mobilizing for the party”

I was stunned when I read this and it confirmed my story two weeks back that Soludo was distributing Motorcycles, Hollandis, Rice etc to Anambrans. I did not know that Chris Ubah was doing the same probably to match Soludo naira for naira, motorcycle for motorcycle, abada (hollandis) for abada, rice for rice, motor for motor. Now, where are all the billions coming from? I know where Soludo’s billions are coming from. I have told the nation that the rot in the banking industry persisted during Soludo’s era because he was busy collecting kola nut and thank you money from the bank CEO’s that ran into several billions and forgot the role of CBN as the big policeman, banker’s banker and regulator of the Commercial banks. Media practitioners have been reporting that Soludo has been living very large and nobody paid attention. We just have to investigate the lifestyle of other CBN Governors in the other climes to find out whether it is right for Soludo to exhibit this kind of financial recklessness in a country adjudged as one of the poorest country in the world. I insist that Lamido Sanusi’s monumental revelations at CBN are a serious indictment on Soludo’s tenure as CBN Governor for 4 years.

After the consolidation (a good job) the banks had a lot of money with them and did not know what to do with it except to loot Nigerians to bones. It is painful to me that Soludo, either by acts of omission or commission looked the other way while the bazaar was going on. If therefore Soludo tells me that he did not know what was going on I will tell him to tell the story to the marines. I will tell him that he is telling a lie from the pit of hell. I will tell him that he is being economical with the truth. I will tell him that we have become too wise by the long suffering in this country to be deceived by anybody. It is on this premise that I want to tell anybody who cares to listen that Soludo’s ambition to rule Anambra State in the face of these weighty crisis in the nation’s Commercial Banks, remains an exercise in futility, a wild goose chase, an aberration, a ruse, and a huge joke. As for Chris Ubah, I think the time has come for us to ask the real questions in Nigeria about this man called Chris Ubah. What does he do for a living? Where is he getting all this money from? What is his training? How much tax does he pay every year? Is he a government contractor? How much contract has he done? How were the contracts executed? This clown has done a colossal damage to our hard-earned democracy. In 2003 this idiot, this nonentity, this illiterate told us that he single handedly put the Governor, and the State Assembly members in office and we laughed over the matter.

Now look at this fool telling us how he spent 800million to buy 406 cars, rice, hollandis, motorcycles, etc without remorse. We have been told that over N10 billion was spent in the aborted PDP primaries. Ask yourself where all this money is coming from? Chris Ubah, his brother Nnamdi Ubah and few others are endangering and terrorizing our hard earned democracy which over 5000 people paid the supreme price to sustain between 1985 and 1998. These two some are Obasanjo’s creation. Obasanjo opened the nations oil wells for them and the result is what we see today; money in the wrong hands. Nnamdi Ubah has taken a case already settled by the Supreme Court- the end point in the Nigeria’s judicial system to the Appeal Court and we are just there watching the damage this charlatan is doing to our judicial system. We must blame Obasanjo for empowering mediocres in Nigeria for 8 years. If not for money please tell me why Olanipekun (SAN) will go to Appeal Court to defend a matter already settled by the Supreme Court. This is a dangerous precedence that must not be allowed to stand. This is the time to call these people to order. The other day I asked Chief Tony Anenih to quit politics in his own interest and today it is the turn of Chris Ubah and Andy Ubah. Again I want Chris and Andy Ubah to quit politics now in their own interest. I wrote Heroes of Democracy in 1999 and as a participant in the struggle, I know the huge price we paid to get this democracy these idiots are rubbishing today. We must stop them or they will stop us.

The political stupidity in Anambra State which has become the shame of then nation must stop now. This is a State that has scored many firsts in all fields of human endeavors and we cannot just continue to allow these rascals to continue to rubbish us. This is the time to wield the big stick, this is the time for sanctions, this is time to punish offenders and this is the time to end impunity in Nigeria.

Joe Igbokwe

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