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Date Published: 10/23/09

Anambra in the Eyes of the Storm By Kelvin Nwankwo


This piece is but an expository of the political intrigues in Anambra state. The state that has produced the famous and the mighty, the roll call is intimidating, hence yours truly, wanting to know what the game plan is for all the political gladiators encompassing the abracadabra PDP, to the court prone APGA, the silent and stable ANPP and of course Ngige’s AC.

This is what I term the foursome battle in Anambra state, having in mind the present global trend and the epileptic financial situation plaguing diverse areas of the Nigerian economy, the need for an intellectual financial guru comes to play in the leadership of this country. Not just a guru who is knowledgeable in one area and deficient in several others. Not just a guru whose words are in great antipathy with his bond. But a guru with presence, eloquence, an indisputable character, one who is known for his knack of achieving huge feats, one with a combination of financial, social and leadership prowess. In other words...a guru with a touch of extraordinary in his Curriculum Vitae should be the best candidate for the gubernatorial election in Anambra State come 2010.

Lest we be deceived, the race will be keenly contested by all aspirants as they all parade “incredible” credentials, but the stumbling block for most of the parties is the internal crisis that has been the order of the day. In an attempt to view the profile of the candidate whose adoption was without stress and rancor, unlike other parties and after a careful analysis of all contenders, Mike Ejezie of ANPP stands out of the crowd. A chartered Accountant and stockbroker, man of vision and substance, though not known to be a loud mouth but very active and proactive in his endeavors.

From a logical perspective, intra party squabbles, selfish interest from the various camps of political gladiators, some uneducated and some godfathers are at heart of the various negative news emanating from the state.

As a matter of fact, the “godfather” syndrome in Nigerian politics, gained prominence in Anambra state during the Ngige era, which caused so much embarrassment to the nation as a whole.

One might readily assert that Ngige brought so much negativity to the politics of Anambra state, in that he was not under duress when he signed a pact with his “godfathers” that should he become governor, he would remit certain percentage of state funds to them. Now the issue is this, for him to have accepted such a deal speaks volume of a man filled with deceit. He obviously rode on the popularity and financial muscle of the “godfathers to become governor and only for him to renege on an agreement or a deal if I may say.

This calls to question the caliber of people aspiring for elective post in this country, which is at heart of the state of backwardness we have found ourselves. They come with sweet promises and manifestoes, but when elected they turn another leaf, which was exemplified in the Ngige’s era in Anambra state and for him to want to contest again is a mockery to the people of Anambra state.

That Anambarians will sit and watch their beloved state groan under gross instability despite the intimidating roll call of its indigenes will be likened to a curse. One thing Anambarians should look out for in the coming elections is a candidate that will bring about the much needed peace and tranquility which it truly deserves.

After a careful analysis of all contenders, the candidate of the ANPP appears outstanding in all ramifications. The criterion used was very simple and common sense. In my arriving at the above stated, I studied the foursome contenders, ranging from Mike Ejezie of the ANPP, Charles Soludo of the PDP, Chris Ngige of AC and of course the sitting governor Peter Obi of APGA.

My first point was intra party squabble, second point was antecedent, and third point was blue print for development by various contenders.

None other than Mike Ejezie’s ANPP parades and presented a blueprint for development and he really impressed me when he challenged other candidates to a debate.

Charles Soludo too, parades quite intimidating credentials and as former governor of the central bank of Nigeria, he did “brilliantly’’ well at least with the bank consolidation that transformed the Nigerian banking industry into a major player in the financial economy of the world.

We were held agape at his dexterity in micro and macroeconomic policies, but the question I will like to ask is this, does all of that translate to a right to vie for the position of governor. Well and fine he did well, but recent events in the financial landscape have indeed changed our perception about Charles Soludo.

Financial analysts have questioned the role he played in the recklessness displayed by management of banks in Nigeria. Some are of the opinion that he was compromised and was receiving tips from these bank executives. Some analysts are also of the belief that Soludo should go to jail for the way and manner he ran the Nigerian economy, suffice to mention that he kept assuring the populace that all was well despite the fact that major economies were at the peak of recession.

In all that happened, I saw in Soludo a man that is deceitful and full of insincerity and for him to have kept assuring the populace that banks in the country were safe was tantamount to pointing a gun to the head of newly wedded couples and pulling the trigger without mercy.


He deceived us and he lied to us, and now he wants to be governor of Anambra state. I can only wonder if Soludo has a blue print or can barely think of one at the moment as he has many battles to face as they relate to his stewardship at the Central bank and the way and manner he was adopted by the PDP as its flag bearer.

During a recent interview granted by Mike Ejezie of the ANPP, he highlighted that though he is not a noise maker, in politics, he caught the Political bug at an early age from his exposure as a child to various political issues on Television, Radio and other available mediums. On account of his frequent collisions with the dubious arts surrounding the Political leadership in the country, the constant corruption during elections and the acts of greed and insincerity engulfing leaders at the various helm of affairs, he has developed a liking to the Political sector, not to be a part of the decay but the cementing clay that will mend the frailties of his state and in turn the Nation at large.

I was not impressed with the many words of Mike Ejezie until I found out that he was the past chairman of the ANPP in Anambra state for several years, and he was able to bring about unity amongst party faithful all these while, an attribute uncommon in the politics of Anambra state as I hold no grudge against all candidates. I also found out that Mike Ejezie is a Chartered Accountant, A chattered stock broker, a tax consultant, an economist and development analyst.

Peter Obi the sitting governor, has been in the news lately telling all that cares to listen that he has surpassed the record of Ngige and I kept wondering to myself if that was a feat. Leadership is all about management of people and resources. It’s on record that he has been having a running battle with his deputy and to imagine that a sitting governor cannot bring about peace to his party APGA is indeed worrisome and calls for great concern. APGA in Anambra state has been bedeviled with crisis and Peter Obi failed to hold his party together despite being at the helms of affairs of the state.

The list ends nowhere, but what I can assure all is that Anambra state is in for a true transformation if and only the right candidate is elected.

Do Anambarians want a replication of the infamous Ngige era? Because the Uba’s will want to extract their pound of flesh by making the state ungovernable for him, thereby making the state stagnant or the insolubility of Soludo? Or the peace and tranquility associated with Mike Ejezie of the ANPP?

I know for sure that the ‘three’ wise letters P, D, and P…. would want to express their intellectual bravado, but this time, Anambarians are too aware and exposed to be deceived. The choice is left for Anambarians to decide. God bless Anambra state.

Kelvin writes from Awka.

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