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Date Published: 10/08/09

As the Anambra drama unfolds By Joe Igbokwe


All things considered, it is now clear that all the struggles we did in Nigeria for 8 years to free Anambra State from the firm grip of political predators, destroyers, looters, desperate and confused politicians, clueless mercinaries and what have you are now almost in vain. The political traders are back and this time they are more ferocious, vicious and dangerous. After suffering colossal defeats at the election tribunals and Appeal Courts in Enugu, the bad boys and girls in PDP are back in a more formidable and intimidating form and this time they are sparing nothing on their way. With nearly 50 of them in PDP picking the governorship forms for 5 million naira each it is obvious that it is a do or die affair to borrow from former President Obasanjo. PDP leaders in their ridiculous and comic show of shame have been trooping to Anambra State to perfect their diabolic and ruthless plans to capture the State by all means. They first sent Governor Suswan of Benue State and the followed by the peevish boy Speaker of the House of Reps, Dimeji Bankole and the political contractor called ‘Mr fix it’ in Nigeria , Chief Tony Anenih, a notorious retired police Commissioner known for his criminal perfection in election rigging in Nigeria. The former SDP National Chairman who sold the mandate of his party for a mere mess of porridge in 1993 which eventually led to the death of the winner, Chief M.K.O Abiola and thousands of others.

Today Chief Anenih pretends that we do not know this history and throws his weight arround as if yesterday has been forgotten. These are people that are raising the stakes very high in Anambra. With stolen billions in their kittyAnambra is now for sale to the highest bidder. To perfect their plans, Professor Maurice Iwu, the INEC Chairman is working for the scavangers using all the machinery of INEC to get PDP to power in Anambra no matter whose ox is gored. Iwu is returning to do what he failed to do in 2007 when he stopped Dr Chris Ngige, Mr Peter Obi and Nicholas Ukachukwu to pave way for his political god father Mr Andy Ubah.

This time, Iwu’s target is Mr Peter Obi of APGA. Now, what is his criminal method to perfect the criminal plans? Just get into the books and bring out anything, any argument whether it makes sense or not to bring back Chief Chekwas Okorie to APGA, recognise him as APGA Chairman, Court or no court ruling on the matter, and Mr Peter Obi will be out of the way. This is the type of job Chekwas Okorie is known for. A man with no means of livelihood, a political contractor without conscience, a bread and butter political turn coat, an unrepentant pretender with the character of a clown has been on this type of hatched job for more than 10 years now with no respite in sight. But he lacks wisdom and native intelligence to understand that this game cannot work in Nigeria of the 21st Century. The joke cannot stand for two solid and undisputable court decisions: the expusion of Chief Chekwas Okorie as APGA Chairman for betraying his Party by the Federal Capital Territory High Court on April 16 2008 still stands until otherwise stated. This stops Okorie from parading himself as APGA Chairman and stopped him from taking any action on behalf of the party. Again in September 1 2009, the Federal High Court in Abuja stopped Chekwas Okorie’s dubious attempt to hold a national convention in the name of APGA. This is the same man Prof Maurice Iwu says he recognises as the APGA Chairman. This cannot happen here in Nigeria and a million Professor Iwu cannot do that. Proffessor Iwu has personalised a national institution called INEC and let us see how he will succeed. He endangered our hard-earned democracy in 2007 and the international community has said so, the election tribunals and Appeal Courts have said so, the Supreme Court ruling on the presidential elections in the ratio of 4:3 affirmed it. Prof Iwu must now know that a man who goes to the market to buy basket knows it cannot be used to store water. His attempt to stop Mr Peter Obi is simply a basket case!

Enter Prof Charles Soludo. Forget all the noise going on in Anambra State. Forget about the so-called 47 PDP candidates seeking to rule Anambra State. The fight is for these three groups; Mr Chris Ubah/Ibeto group, the Soludo group and Mr Andy Ubah group led by Prof Maurice Iwu. We know those fighting for Soludo. We know those fighting for Andy Ubah. I cannot tell the candidate Mr Cletus Ibeto and Chief Chris Ubah are fighting for. But who is professor Soludo? Professor Soludo is the immediate former Governor of CBN. During his tenure he collapsed Nigerian banks into 25 banks; and compelled them to raise their capital base to 25 billion Naira each. They all went to the public to raise the money and they all succeded. I remember I was one of the people that praised Soludo for this feat. But after consolidation, something went wrong. First, the banks used tricks to rob the people of their hard-earned money via the heavily manipulated stock market. After the sales, the manipulators brought the stocks prizes down using financial meltdown as an excuse. Secondary, the banks CEOs started spending the peoples’ money as if it is their money. Meat sellers money, fish sellers money, petty traders money, labourers money etc were given to friends and cronies even without collaterals. Mansions were built all over the place in Nigeria. The CEOs did not stop there, they invested the peoples’  money in properties in Europe, America, Dubai, and South Africa and yet Soludo did not see this. To reward Soludo and to keep their loot, billions were put together to fight for Soludo to get a second term as CBN Governor. The project failed because President Yar’Adua could not believe his ears and eyes where the billions for the campaigns came from. At a time the President was said to have asked: where are all this billions coming from? Now let me provide the answer.


 The billions came from the banks CEOs who worked themselves to bones for Soludo to remain so that the protection will continue. But the new CBN boss Mr Lamido Sanusi has exposed them all. Yes Soludo worked hard but his love for money, good things of life and kola money from the banks CEOs has rendered his good works almost useless. Untill we get the details of what happened in the banks during Soludo’s tenure as CBN Governor, his bid to rule Anambra State will be an exercuse in futility. Until Soludo tells us why he did not see the rot in the banking industry during his tenure, his attempt to become the governor of Anambra State remains an insult to the collective psyche and intelligence of Nigerians. Until Soludo explains to us why the banks books are full of lies and blatant lies to decieve the public, his ambition to rule Anambra State will remain a tall one. Until Soludo tells us where the billions he is throwing arround came from, he must be told that Nigerians are no fools. Until Soludo tells us how much he used to hire the nation’s foremost traitor, Chief Tony Anenih to come and rig him to power in Anambra, this project cannot fly. Anambra 2010 will tell us how 2011 will be. From the signals, we are getting, Prof Iwu has taken sides in Anambra matter and therefore we cannot trust him with that election in 2010 talkless of 2011. President Umaru Yar’Adua has done wonderfully well with his amnesty deal with militants in the Niger Delta and I pray to God fervently that the project will be brought to a logical conclusion soonest. It is the most robust, creative and very intelligent political masterstroke ever performed by any known President in Nigeria living or dead. In the name of God, I pray that President Yar’Adua succeeds and he will go down in the history of Nigeria as a President who saw civil war coming and cleverly avoided it.  President Yar’Adua should look back to the history of Nigeria, the events of 1966 to 1970, the June 12 crisis, the riggings in 1999, 2003 and 2007, the response from the international community, several decisions of the election tribunals and Appeal Courts, the killings and lootings in the land, the bad names these have brought to Nigeria and take the honest and only wise option by sacking Professor Maurice Iwu now. This is the way to tell the world that we are serious about rebranding our image. This country is bigger than anybody. We must set greed aside and work for the overall interest of Nigerians. Iwu is heating up the polity for personal gains and the President must stop the mess now.

If the truth must be told, no election will take place in Anambra State without Mr Peter Obi of APGA participating. Mr. Peter Obi has put his life on the line to salvage and rescue Anambra from bandits and mercinaries. He is too big to be sacrificed because of a political rascal and cheat called Chekwas Okorie. Please tell it to the North, East, West and South that elections in Anambra State without Mr Peter Obi is non event, a nullity, a void, unacceptable, it is of zero consequence, and without any effect.
A dummy is being sold to the world that Mr Peter Obi is a failure but this is a lie from the pit of hell, a tale told by idiots, full of sounds and fury signifying nothing, the biggest joke of the century, a loquacity that tells you nothing but superfluity of nothingness. Mr Peter is one of the finest souls in the political landscape, one of the most successful businessmen in Nigeria, one of the strongest person I know and one of the most courageous politicians in the anals of Nigeria. Even if Mr Peter Obi has not achieved anything in Anambra State (I know he has recorded monumental achievements) the facts that he fought the election riggers in Anambra State to stand still, rescued our State, and totally  humiliated and hunbled those who criminally conspired to illegally impeach him in 2006, and those who live by stealing from the State. Good people of Anambra State must understand this game, they must understand the politics of Anambra State they must understand the forces at play. Leadership goes beyond building roads, providing water, and paying salaries. Leadership is being responsive, responsible, accountable, sincere, and honest and having character, honour, intergrity, courage, content, culture and colour. Mr Peter Obi possesses all this, politics or no politics.

Febuary 6 2010 Governorship elections in Anambra State must be one man one vote thing and I pity any Party that will try to bastardize the electoral process. The candidates must be allowed to test their popularity and the election must be won and lost in a free and fair contest. Anambra 2010 remains a foretaste of what 2011 will be and we wait as the drama unfolds.

Joe Igbokwe

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