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Date Published: 10/01/09

Nigeria, shame unto you at 49 By Ben Wuloo Ikari


Nigeria, how dare you forced your rich children to wash their beautiful hands with stinking saliva in the mist of ponds full of water and black gold?

Shame onto  you at 49, for dashing the hopes of this children; the youths and adults! At 49 years old you have no hope to exist because you're never in place. You're one of the most, if not the most concocted, artificially created nation in the world-about 367 ethnic nationalities or sovereign nations boxed into one deadly pit? No thanks to the British Crown! I know I've said no thanks to the above, but the fact that they left the contraption having granted it false independence and keeps remote controlling through the north suggest that others forced into the evil marriage should have resisted whatever games there were. But almost every group (40 years later) condescended to an ash, like zombies. Yes, like zombies, the zombie you're!

The few individuals: Saro-Wiwa, Gani,  and others who stood their grounds trying to work things out as to delivering the cloned baby into modern civilization have been mowed down. Yes, killed! I know people would say Gani died of cancer, but conventional wisdoms says he died of accumulated or cumulative  sicknesses, including the said cancer, which came from the many torture he had while incarcerated by former Head of Snakes or State and dictator Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida, etc. Saro-Wiwa's was of course obvious. He's murdered with 8 others by hanging, and by the state/Abacha, the one man who was as stupid as an illiterate goat, in collaboration with $hell Oil, and their foreign counterparts crazy about the Ogoni oil they will get over our dead bodies.

Meanwhile, in a situation where those who thought good for you, the contraption-hoping to make it work since it became what it's-have been killed; others with similar vision are further targeted for jail, gradual death and actual murder, whereas those looting public treasury are openly celebrated, where again is the hope? Where is the hope when you; a nation at 49 can't conduct simple elections; and competence, honesty, responsibility and accountability are thrown to the trash in favor of their antithesis? Oh, antithesis, which have poisoned other sectors, including non-governmental human rights groups such as MOSOP; the highly revered Saro-Wiwa's brain-child, which fought economic corruption and injustices to standstill, but now corrupt and unjust, and patting its blind members to sleep.

Tell me Nigeria, the false euphoria of greatness, den of government rogues, where is the hope?


There is no hope! Therefore, the only way forward for you; a nation which fantasizes about being the "giant of Africa" it couldn't reach is disintegration. Many, including the American National Security Council have predicted it. Any nation forced against the components' wishes; the wishes of the commoners dying of preventable diseases; those who have painfully and dyingly celebrated poverty as daily blessing in the mist of plenty is bound to fail. Hence you will disintegrate. And, according to Saro-Wiwa, "Don't say I said it, but the dynamics of history dictates it."

 The former Soviet Union is a glaring example; it had 120 ethnic nationalities, not to mention the about 367 of yours waiting on a timebomb, which explosion is just miles away. No matter how complacent and complaisant Nigerians-which I seize to be, but Ogoni-are today, the new song I believe, will be different when "to your tent, oh, Nigerians will play amist the joy of early morning birds.

Nigeria, shame onto you, at 49, as your 100th will make no difference until you're splited!


Ben Wuloo Ikari.

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