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Date Published: 09/30/09


I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right and part (company) with him when he goes wrong.     
                    -ABRAHAM LINCOLN

In the history of Nigeria, the issue of crime is a major caveat that has so deeply eaten into our nation that even the once acclaimed institution of crime fighters are now in the foyer of power penetrating against stringent committed effort to work against corruption.


The Ministry of Justice is in place as the epitomeand regulatorof legal authority and Justice and the EFCC having been established by an act of the National Assembly for the utmost achievement of eradicating financial crime, one can only be surprised at the level of involvement of persons at the helm of affairs of these two all time Crime combating, society fortification and Justice attaining in the embarrassing scheme of fraud involving ex- governor James Ibori (Delta), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu (Lagos) and chief Victor Attach (Akwa Ibom).
In what appears to be a rehash of failed institution, the Minister of Justice Michael Aondoakaa have just succeeded in exposing himself as an anti-corruption free society mortal  having made such a statement about the erstwhile Governors who are currently under the EFCC net for a case of corruption.
With all due respect, the Minister of Justice should not play the role of the piper that also dictates the tune, Justice is the pillar of all budding society and if persons at the helm of affairs of such a sensitive institution would not be consistent with commentsthen it only a shame and disgrace to the institutionsof Justicein Nigeria.
Nigeria has reach a stage of booting out all and sundry that are working against her progress having embarked on the voyage of image redemption at the global level with International community most crucially with this all time call to rebranding the nation.  
More to say is that all hands are on deck and even the common man on the street is aware that the nation has undergone some setback in the past that calls for urgent attention.
Why would Michael Aondonkaa play to the gallery, pollute the Ministry of Justice and stick out the image of Nigeria on an unpalatable platform of highly integrated mismanagement of positionand be so involved in the sleeze particularly when there is much to be done in Ministry he is saddled with.
Obvious enough from their era as serving Governor (James Ibori, Victor Attah, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu) is the fact that these myopic minded hooliganspainted with the white wash paint of being governors of states never served with good intention of moving their states forward but where submerged with the business of looting and taking delight in destroying resources met for the common good of the people.
Erstwhile Governor James Ibori (Delta) had at all material time from his days as governor been fingered in major economic and financial crime in the Countryand abroadand that doesn’t just ring a bell in the mind set of these who call themselves crime investigating institution that something is unquestionably up the sleeves of someone, I mean the cards have been well placed on the table and one does not need a soothsayer to read the hand writing on the wall.
These governor had always have a free show of themselves in the society as they walk freely and parade themselves as such demi gods in the society, they must be asked to produce all documents as it relates to the share purchase involving the mobile phone. This is such an important national issue that it is so surprising that Honourable Minister,  Michael Aondonkaa has sudden forgotten the interpretation given to both crime and the law and the different meaning given to. His very essential of serving as a minister has seen the light of day and his days on that most crucial position are numbered.
Thought his tenure is still subsisting, his presence in the presidential cabinet is a big threat to the Yar’Adua regime as his conscience is snared with an attitude of greed and the one eyed monster of nation’s pandemonium that has settled nicely into our society.
The EFCC having lodged another charge of economic crime against these ex-governor, the factually challenging the smooth prosecution of these is the undue interference with powers such as the Minister of Justice. The EFCC haven debunked the public view of the open comment that the ex-governor were not cleared by the EFCC, Mr. Minister have emphatically stated that the governors were cleared by the EFCC.
More paramount is the fact that the EFCC has for once unveil and exposed the ignoble role of Mr. Minister who blatantly obstructs justice, prevents the law and dampens the anti-graft war. As a chief law officer Michael Aondonkaa has fed Nigerians with heinous lies to the extent of saying that the ex-governors have been exonerated from the EFCC while the matter is still pending in court, such a shame and slap on the face of our dear country.  


Though Mr. Minister declines ever making such statement, he has further proved to be an incompetent personality to say that at the time he assumed office, he was not aware of the case, it goes to show a high level of lack of diligence, lack of vision, foresight and an utmost disrespect for the rule of law.
The above is predicated on a paradox or misbelieves of the usage of the powers associated with the office of the Minister of Justice. It is entirely an abuse of the Rule of law for a serving minister not to be abreast with the happenings in his ministry, he does not mean this Country well and we call for his immediate removal and to put an end to his cancerous vires that are tantamount to the growth of the Country. 
The question agitating the minds of the people is the extent of the nature of the mindset of the EFCC and the Minister if same is consistent with the effective administration of the country. Such degree of abate; coupled with the non agility of other interest group is a ferocious attack on the stability of the nation’s young democracy as well as the future of the Nigeria populace.
His defence of being quoted out of context is a subtle attempt to blackmail and intimidate the Supremacy of the rule of law and Court’s justices.
Of course there will be the group who hate to stand up to the truth because of the benefit from Mr. Minister odyssey as he is presently doing to cover the shameless acts of his cohorts via Judicial oddity and enigma, the truth must be told and all found wanting be brought to face the fury of the law and not even the Minister can impede that.
There have been some legal-cum-political opinions about Honourable Minister’s bid to salvage his name and his portfolio. To some people his insensate views poses quite an almost insurmountable mountain of hurdles before it, but then the fight against corruption has began and though it will take a long journey, we will definitely get there.
However, if the truth must be told, these two crime fighting establishment needs to be evaluated and their activities touch lighted to give a finality to issues brought before them as failure to do this will weaken the legality and or otherwise of a step taken by these establishment and also bring an end to the mockery of our Judicial system as well as creating devastating effect on the image of the Nigeria coming from subsequent crime emanating from the various sectors of the country.
In the instant case, the EFCC is presented with a very simple issue that needs immediate determination and interestingly the issue should be wittingly and unwittingly distilled, and focus on the proper determination of the case.
The question therefore is can the EFCC work contrary to the Ministry of Justice? Fascinatingly, this question ought to be answer in the affirmative save for the recent happenings.
It is trite that the ways of politics, sentiments and Justices are not designed to meet, one therefore wonders why Michael Aondoakaa and his cohorts are raising hells and using all forms of gimmicks to subvert due progress of justice.
It is an additional formality superimposed on the law; it is essential and one of the fundamentals of obtaining justice is that no officer of the law should interfere or obstruct the smooth administration of Justice.
The Honourable Minister also should not allow politics to be played with our law, as James Ibori, Victor Attah and Asiwaju Tinubu Bola have not in themselves being in the good book of the country that they should seeks for national sympathy but that it a national issue for the expansion of our jurisprudence that will be beneficial to the people of Nigeria and the people of the realm; that should be the focal point for both the Minister and the EFCC, It is also a good test of our government’s rebranding
exercise as the entire world is watching our judicial system in the face of the government and the present parlance  of the President Yar’Adua much canvassed 7 points agenda and the rule of Law. 
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