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Date Published: 07/16/09

Ibrahim Shekarau and the 2011 Presidential Election.

By Ndiameeh Babrik


I don’t know why the Oyibo people call some countries ‘banana republic’, but if you ask me, Nigeria is one. This is for the simple reason that it is there for the highest bidder. Any Dick, Tom and Harry who has stolen sufficient enough from the state treasury to buy voters’ votes aims at one thing. Aso Rock Villa. In a well organized and civil society, decent people without blemish aspire to lead but not in Nigeria. Amongst the National Treasury Looters of Nigeria, the least qualified person to aspire to govern further is Ibrahim Shekarau because of his antecedents. I believe Ibrahim Shekarau must have been quoted out of context by saying that he will context the presidency in 2011. I assure him that there are over one million voters already in Kano alone who will not vote for him. I am talking of the over one million women divorcee in Kano who were harassed and prevented from their one million women divorcee march on Kano tagged “March against the high rate of divorce and HIV in Kano” earlier this year. Add that to the over half a million Igbos in Sabon Gari Kano and other Southerners put out of business by his draconian anti people and anti social type of sharia. That is about two million people now. Yet again if that number is added to the about six million displaced from Kano and now live in other parts of the country will add up to   eight million people who will vote against him. With all certainty all the fans and numerous followers of ‘Mai Gaskiya’ General Buhari will vote against him for stabbing General Buhari in the back and now wanting again to stab him in the front. With all certainty all the Kanywood actors and actresses and all their fans will never, never vote for Ibrahim Shekarau!

If democracy is about people and their votes, then Ibrahim Shekarau should forget it. Even non-Christians and nominal ones will never vote for him, talk less of the over 50 million vibrant Pentecostal Christians who always say that leadership comes from their God.

Ibrahim Shekarau’s hands are too soiled with blood. Methinks that with his type of sharia, the mysterious murder of Islamic scholars in Kano will be investigated thorough by Hisbah police and the murderers brought to Justice. I can tell Ibrahim Shekarau that the millions of Sheik Ja’far Adams followers and his admirers like me who liked his brand of Islam of peaceful co-existent will never vote for you. For now roughly over 70 million people will not vote for you in 2011, how then will you win?  The fact is that you have not even cleared yourself of all the charges of state plundering against you by the EFCC. You have used your brand of Islam and particularly sharia to persecute Christians and some moderate Muslims in Kano state who then will vote for you? Kano state has the highest rate of divorce in Nigeria, what is happening to your brand of sharia? Ibrahim Shekarau, a word is enough for the wise. Just stay “jeje”and enjoy your plunder after 2011. If you make the mistake of spending your loot, well don’t say we did not advise and fore warn you. The 2011 election will be different from all other previous elections, not even the famous June 12, 1993 election that was annulled and now gazetted as the fairest election ever conducted in Nigeria will be like that.

In 2011 it will be one man one vote and also one woman one vote. We are ready to guard the sanctity of our votes this time. President Obama of America has opened our eyes when he spoke in the Ghanaian parliament. Bring your loot and the voters will collect their money back after all it is our collective wealth you guys have stolen. Only an honest and nationalist Nigerian will govern us in Nigeria in 2011 and not a terrorist like Ibrahim Shekarau who has made millions of Nigerians miserable and pauperized them through his brand of sharia. At the last count you and your government have refused to give C of O of their plots to as many as 80 churches in Kano. In fact you have destroyed Catholic and ECWA Churches at anguwan uku, and the RCCG Church Mariri all in Kano metropolis. Tell me how do you want these guys to vote for you to come and destroy more of their Churches? Mallam, please enjoy your loot woh!

Ndiameeh Babrik

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