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Date Published: 05/29/09


On May 26, 2009, the California Supreme Court upheld proposition 8, the ballot initiative that amended the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. The court voted 6-1. The court unfortunately left intact the more than 18,000 marriages for lesbian and gay couples who ‘wed’ last year before the ballot measure went into effect. As it stands, proposition 8 will continue to outlaw same sex nonsense tagged marriage in California. Tuesday’s ruling was based on different issues the justices considered last May, when they overturned California’s previous ban on gay marriage. In that 4-3 decision, the court concluded that a ballot measure and family law statute outlawing same sex marriage violated California’s constitution’s equal protection guarantees for gays and lesbians, by depriving them of the equal rights to marry.


This ruling is very instructive. It has defeated the myth that California is a gay haven. Has sent signals to perverts who want to redefine what marriage is and that the United States of America, and majority of the states will oppose gay marriage forever.  And that the constitution and the Defense of Marriage Act will remain relevant no matter how they regularly parade the streets protesting, and whining over the illegality of disgusting unions. This was amazing because it came on the heels of the American Idol shocker. Efforts by the media play down the gay effect have failed.

These guys can’t differentiate between sexual perversion and sexual preference. They are so wasted in their crazy disability to understand that two men having anal sex as a couple cannot assume the family structure. That gay right is different from gay marriage. They even devalue the concept of marriage by undermining pro-creation.  Issue is, you can decide to be gay in your house, but to want to force the majority of the people to accept you in insane.

The most ridiculous aspect is when a lesbian who is the “Aggressive Female”…(the guy in the union), decides to dress like a man or homosexuals dressed in girls clothes. It underscores the fact these sickos know that it is abnormal. Another sickening aspect is the aggressive female buys a sex toy in form of a penis which she uses on her partner. Why.  

This brings us to the issue of polygamy and pedophilia. In my country, Nigeria,  polygamy is acceptable but you will go to prison if you try the gay stuff. Like some commentators argued recently. Which feels and looks good, polygamy or same sex marriage? In the former, you can procreate, raise your kids, and do not need to bother explaining to your young kids why she has two daddies or two mummies, or what you and the person he sees as his uncle or aunty  do in the bedroom. How do you explain to them what happens.

They argue that it is a sexual preference, and I ask, what about those who prefer under age boys and girls. Why should a 30 year old man who has sex with a 16 year old be tagged a pervert, while his twin brother who gets down with another man sees his act as preference. My argument is clear… a pedophile should be viewed same way as homosexual because they are both perverts. The argument of preference falls flat on its face.  

Zinnia Gaines who recently married Rasheeda Gaines said after the verdict “ They keep talking about gays and lesbians as if we are not humans. Even though we got married before the election, it is still scary because they can always vote.” Of course,  Ms Gaines.  End of story.

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