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These northerners are fake and they are hypocrites.They have always bothered people about principle and they are not principled themselves.They have been speaking on the pages of newspapers claiming that Atiku Abubakar former Vice-President is not principled.What is principled? In a layman’s language principled can be classified within the corridors of uprightness,morality,righteousness,doing the right thing and living above board above. If they prefer speaking on the pages of newspapers than going to meet Atiku Abubakar,Turaki Adamawa ,in privacy to dialogue,to arrive at a decision,to counsel maturely in the comfort of a room than wag on of their voices on the street,we know much about them.It is just that we respected their ages and ethic attire to our mouths,but if they don,t respect themselves and they think,they can speak before the think,then the little,we know about them,we have to make people of know that they are those who are not principled and we the public to what they have constituted themselves into.Let us scan the history of General Muhammadu Buhari,their principal.Was it not General Muhammadu Buhari that executed fellow Nigerians recklessly and without recourse to rule of law and justice between 1983 and 1985,when he was Head of State and Commander-in- Chief?


Was General Buhari not accused of rigidity and uncompromising principles and not listening to advice and counsel?The duo Buba Galadima and Sule  Hamma the self-appointed advisers have so much besieged Gen.Buhari that they have taken over his soul and that any other “stranger”is not welcome in The Buhari Organisation[TBO],that in droves many supporters of the General fled because of the dictatorial tendencies of the both men.If they are principled would they cage General Buhari from the people,the politicians and the citizenry? How many times have Buba Galadima and Sule Hamma have gone around others cap in hand begging for money on behalf of Muhammadu Buhari,only to pocket the proceeds? Not all Nigerians are ignorant.The unemployed graduate clutching his hand bag and single newspaper maybe more knowleagdeable and vibrant in political nuances than their this their charlatan attitude.This same attitude of being insultive,crude with the mouth and brash with words are some the actions that chased away the All Nigeria Peoples Party former and present Governors that they abandoned their Presidential Candidate,General Muhammadu Buhari.Buba Galadima and Sule Hamma do not seem to respect any body at all except possibly probably General Muhammadu Buhari.This is suspect too because they are close to the man too for their own agenda.

When Chief Olusegun Olusegun,was incarcerated in Yola ,he pleaded to the former Head of State,late General Sani Abacha through General Muhammadu Buhari,who was the Chairman of Petroleum Task Force [PTF],whom the Late General Sani Abacha related with very well.But General Muhamadu Buhari refused to open up to Late General Abacha on the pathetic situation of incarcerated Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who was languishing and pining in prison.Let Nigerians know some two specific individuals. that misadvised the former PTF Chairman were Buba Galadima and Sule Hamma.That  is how  vindictive and selfish the two members of The Buhari Organisation are up to till date.They have literarily chased away supporters from Buhari compromising not only ANPP stalwarts but other hierarchy members of the party.Theirs is politics of the stomach.If you don’t play ball their own way,then you are unprincipled. Those who have never contested elections and won should leave Atiku Abubakar alone.If God wills that the Turaki Adamawa should be President and Commander-in-Chief in 2011,no body can stop it.God giveth power and he can take it,anytime,he desires.

As for Alhaji Isiyaku Ibrahin and Alhaji  Tanko Yakasai,they are political jobbers.Alhaji Isiyaku Ibrahim claims to be a board member of the PDP,while he is not.

For a long time he has never been known to play clean politics but blackmail.He is also known to be consistent in consorting with women especially.People of credibility should question his integrity and dirty past life and his forging membership of the Board of Trustees of the PDP.

Lastly Alhaji Tanko Yakasai should go home and rest.At 80,eighty years he should keep quiet and think of how to reconcile with his creator.He  has forgotten so soon how he use to come and collect .Let us stop here.What is principle?




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