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By Matthew T. George

I am moved to take this position when I read the publication of one Chief Sara-Igbe of Kula in Kalabari Kingdom (Read  THE Verite Newspaper of the Niger Delta - www.theveritenews.com - vol.5 No.5  Feb.9 - 15). At the front page boldly captioned, " Guber: Soberekon Is Wasting His Time - Sara-Igbe. The content to me is disgusting and especially coming out from a Kalabari man and at such a time as this.


The good news is that, when I inquired widely about the reliability and material status of this man, I was shocked. There are some people who are political business men. They live on telling lies, selling their brothers, community to running dirty errands. They make publication in favor of one against the other to get paid and our Sara-Igbe is very good at that.

How did Sara-Igbe become the spokesman of RDM? Is RDM the mouthpiece of the Kalabari people or the Ogonis or any other ethnic group? Who set up RDM? Where was RDM when Harrison was killed? Where were they when Aminasoari K. Dikibo was killed? How can Sara-Igbe claim that "there is a standing agreement through the RDM that Ikwerre will produce the Governor for eight years,  then the Kalabaris after which the Ogoni will take over and it will go round the ethnic groups in the state". What is the relevance of RDM  in Rivers State today? Does the  current political permutation in the state give credence to RDM's position? Where is RDM today?

Sara-Igbe from the records was one of the first political appointees of former Governor Peter Odili. He left or resigned his appointment because the Governor was not making use of his advise (he claimed). At the 8th year of Peter Odili's administration, he (Sara-Igbe) formed a group known as KALABARI ELDERS FORUM and approached Governor Peter Odili, praised him and expressed his unalloyed loyalty. The forum asked Odili to give them directive on who he will hand over to and they will willingly oblige. At this meeting Sara-Igbe did not remember to tell Odili the position of the RDM or was it a coincident. He was concerned about his economy - man must eat. Some people can not endure hunger. They have no shame.

When Celestine Omehia emerged the Governor of Rivers State,(after the K-Leg saga) Sara-Igbe virtually lived in the Government House and when Celestine was ousted by the Supreme Court Sara-Igbe said, "...we know that Amaechi will be the Governor". It is therefore not surprising that Sara-Igbe will act differently.  If in the event the table turned in the favor of Chief Soberekon, don't be surprised that Sara-Igbe will be the first person to congratulate him and abuse Amaechi of arrogance and swollen headed. That is the man, the nature and character of Chief Anabs Sara-Igbe.

No one is God. Let us keep quite and pray for our state if we love it. Can't you see what we are going through as Rivers people? God is taking us to somewhere and no one can change that course, not even RDM or Sara-Igbe. If we are hungry and can not wait for God's time, let us not betray our own or sell our brother for pecuniary gains because we have no shame.

I was also informed that Chief Anabs Sara-Igbe did not register as a voter and did not vote in the last Governorship election. He collected money from Peter Odili on the pretext of mobilizing his kinsmen from Port Harcourt to Kula but he ended up in Buguma as an observer. What are survival game!

I will advise  Governor Amaechi not to fall prey to the tactics of Sara-Igbe. Only God will decide the fate of the Rivers State Brick House and not the sentiment and strategies of any body.

Matthew T. George


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