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by Dimeji Kayode-Adedeji


I shall say the truth and nothing but the truth…. This statement has to be the take-off point for this write-up which focus would be on Governor Gbenga Daniel of Ogun State and his romance with sycophants which today has turned the state into melodrama in view of incessant political war.

Honestly, I have taken my time to study the whole “unholy” war in the state and I wept for the governor for playing into the hands of sycophants, who feed fat and smile to banks in the name of crisis.

Daniel to me is a loveably person and personality, and it was in view of this, coupled with my closeness with him, that sometime over a year ago, I had an audience with him at Oke-Igbein Government House to tell him of the need to be weary of sycophants.

This was even before these on going several political crisis, as if I was a seer or soothsayer. I told Daniel then, “Your Excellency, you have allow sycophants to surround you, you just have to becareful, these are the same set of people who operated during the administration you took over from, so you just have to watch out”

At that jaw-jaw, I also recalled that, the governor admitted my observation saying, “it is true and you are correct, but let me tell you, they come here, but be rest assured, I can’t be deceived to their tricks. As they passed their messages to my right ear, I make sure such messages dash out from my left ear”

But today to my dismay, what is happening is contrary to assurance Daniel gave, in as much as I agree that, even the tongue and mouth quarrel, yet they still reconcile amicably because they cannot afford to ignore each other.

This now take me to the crisis going on in the state with the governor and numbers of his political associates, which I wont mention their names, but known to everybody even the toddlers. When I cross-checked number of people the governor engaged in fight, my heart shake.

Reason, you may want to know, it is very clear, it is better to have more friends than enemies. I am also of the opinion that, a leader should not close the two eyes to fight, and it is not all time you just have to fight or react to issues, even if you are offended.


The honest truth is that from my own genuine investigation, some of the so-called aides of the governor are not helping matter, because they are contributing to the crisis just because they are enriching their pockets.

Daniel may not know this, they {sycophants} are only telling him what they want him to hear, and not what he should hear. For every little face-off, they would always react on pages of newspapers or organized solidarity rallies. How genuine are these? The answer in on the finger tip, It all fake support for the governor

Mr. Governor, this is the bitter truth, these crops of people are not genuine with their act or action, and if you don’t know, they are the set of people described in Yoruba parlance as “Oni potimoto” In order word which literally means, people who have nothing at stake when the chips are down. Once again be weary of them.

You may not also know, because as chief executive, protocol does not allow you much freedom of movement, but keep this on your left palm, sycophants and some of your aides are doing more havoc for you in terms of governance,” a patient eye can see the nose”

 If I have my way, I would want a situation where you mend fences with the identified opposition to your administration, and ironically, they are members of your ruling Peoples Democratic Party {PDP}. “Ija o dola oruko lo nsoni”. Note that, you still have a name to protect and cherish when you finally leave office.

Infact, your wife dazzled me when during a visit to her by a group to felicitate with her on her birthday, she called on them that, the only present/gift they can offer her to make her happy was for them to works towards making the state conducive for her husband and for peace to be the order of the day

The comment of your wife, to me was an indication that, she really and genuinely loves you. She is today and tomorrow your mother and best companion, who also in the course of her emotional statement discovered that, sycophants are in operation. This is a woman you must listen to.

Finally, let it be clear that, this write-up is not meant to condemn, berate, indict or malign any character, but the bitter truth is that, your romance with sycophants is like dying with the devils. Please ceased fire and let peace continue to reign. Best of luck.


Dimeji Kayode-Adedeji, is Zonal Secretary of Nigeria Union of Journalists {NUJ} and sent in this piece from Abeokuta , Ogun State Capital. He can be reach on e-mail, ijesaguy@yahoo.com


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