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Date Published: 08/26/11

Abia Governor denies Son's beaten by Soldiers

Special adviser to Abia State Governor on electronic media Ugochukwu Emezue has described as cheap blackmail the story making the rounds that the eldest son of the Governor Engr. chinedu Orji was beaten and battered by soldiers to the extent that he was flown to London for surgery. Ordinarily one would have ignored this unfound rumour now circulating in the internet, but for the fact that this rumour seems to persist, it’s time to make it known that this incident never happened.

Some politicians who are frustrated because Abians rejected them, are behind this. Infact information at our disposal shows that they are afraid of the growing popularity of the governor and Engr. Chinedu Orji.

These mischief makes have gone ahead to spread the rumour that Engr. Orji is in coma.

This show how desperate these politicians can go to achieve their wicked aim.

Engr. Orji for the records is alive and kicking. He will not be dettered these rumours.

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